Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Wear Matching Outfits

Afternoon Tea: Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Wear Matching Outfits


Photo: Tumblr

Twinsies alert! Beyoncé has been on a roll with sharing family photos lately, and her latest post may be the cutest one yet. Recently the fam–Jay, Bey, and Blue–went to take in an art exhibit in Brooklyn, New York and mother and daughter showed up in matching floral dresses. Don’t expect to see anything more adorable than this today. [See More]

Fashion influencers shape the industry in many ways both seen and unseen. (Need a reminder? Watch “blue sweater” moment from The Devil Wears Prada.) A new list from Buiness Insider names the top players in the industry, including Eva Chen, Sophia Amoruso, Tavi Gevinson, and more. [Read More]

Expect to see lots of American Flag outfits tomorrow as people gear up to celebrate Fourth of July in the most festive way possible. And though wearing the flag on your body isn’t technically illegal, it is kind of frowned upon by the government. [Read More]

Diane Keaton is known for being a hilarious and candid actress, but who knew she was such a prolific Pinner? Keaton’s Pinterest action is off the chart, and she even has a board dedicated to people’s crazy hairstyles. Her picks in “Hair Daze” are definitely worth a look and a LOL. [See More]

Now that there’s been some time for the critics to mull over the Resort 2015 collections, the trend reports are rolling out. Retro 70s pantsuits and A-line silhouettes made multiple appearances, but nouveau bohemian was the real standout. [See More]

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