10 Kanye West Rants for the Books

10 Kanye West Rants For The Books

Paris Fashion Week Men's Spring/Summer 2014

Photo: WENN
Kanye West has a mouth on him, it’s a known fact. He’s a smart man who needs to espouse his thoughts and frequently does so via his music and other forms of creativity. But from time to time — frequently in the middle of a bed of his creativity, i.e. his concerts — he has to lay out a few thoughts. From a few sentences to an entire 20 minute tirade, Kanye West’s rant have become epic. So with this last London tirade, finally actually eliciting Boos from the crowd, we’ve taken a second to look back at 10 Kanye West rants for the books.

  • Motor city 82

    Kanye really needs his a$$ whooped.

  • corybantic

    Ah yes, Kanye West. The lastest victim of the Kardashian Women Vortex. It happened to Chris Humphries, Bruce Jenner, and Lamar Odom. Yezzi, you next.

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