Happily Ever After? 6 Times Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Didn’t Look Happy Together


Photo: WENN

The “People” have spoken and they say Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are definitely having a baby. According to the magazine, the “Hitch” actress is already a whopping seven months pregnant and has somehow managed to keep it a secret. Despite being the subject of multiple break up rumors, the notoriously private couple are obviously looking forward to a happily ever after with baby in tow. We’ll be the first to admit that this shocking news strikes a jealous nerve; we’ve always secretly hoped the actor would settle for us or Rachel McAdams. In an effort to nurse our broken hearts, we’ve compiled a short list of Eva and Ryan not looking so happy together. Click through for a pick me up.


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  2. says:

    Ryan still carries a torch for Rachel, Eva felt he was slipping away from her so she pulled the oldest trick in the book to keep him.

  3. says:

    Eva is a beautiful woman. But I always thought Ryan & Rachel McAdams looked better together

  4. says:

    People hate to see Ryan with Eva because he’s a hot white boy and she’s Hispanic. In none of these pics did they look unhappy. Congrats to the couple and wishing them a healthy baby.

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