Must Be Nice… This Celebrity Is On Vacation, Again

Angela Simmons Barbados4Photo: Instagram
  Angela Simmons loves her some vacation time. No lie, it seems like Simmons spends 70 percent of the year on someones beach enjoying the sun. We're not hating, just stating facts. Once again the designer is on a tropical vacation with friends in Barbados, taking a slew of Instagram pictures. For the vacation she wore a one-piece orange Issa Swimsuit by Andrea Iyamah and a couple flower print two-pieces. For this special shot (above) she captions the photo with, "Authentic" noting that all her parts are real. The 26-year-old even took time from scuba diving and sunbathing to soak in the hotel's hot tub. Again, must be nice.  
Angela Simmons Barbados3Photo: Instagram
  See more of her past beachy escapades on the next pages.
Angela Simmons Barbados2Photo: Instagram
Angela Simmons BarbadosPhoto: Instagram
angela simmons beach 210712Photo: Instagram
angela simmons beach 210712Photo: Instagram
Angela SimmonsPhoto: WENN
Angela SimmonsPhoto: WENN
Angela SimmonsPhoto: Johnny Louis/WENN
Angela Simmons vacation3Photo: Instagram
Angela Simmons vacation2Photo: Instagram
Angela Simmons vacationPhoto: Instagram

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  • Angela Ward

    All her swimsuits are very nice on her. but why dose she always look so worried?

  • Jezebel Ai

    on vacation from what exactly?