Curl Talk: 10 UV-Blocking Products To Protect Your Curls From The Sun

Photo: Shutterstock

If there is anytime where we want to show off curls, it’s most definitely the summer. Whether you are rocking your afro, messy bun, or long cascading curls, your hair is at one of its greatest risks every time you step out in the sun. Like skin, hair can get damaged when we are out in the sun too long without proper protection. This season, do yourself a favor and guard your hair with UV protecting products.

When untreated, hair that is exposed to harmful UVA or UVB rays is more prone to being dry and brittle, which can often lead to more hair shedding or breakage than usual. Also if your curls are color treated, leaving them exposed to sun rays for a long amount of time can cause color to fade quickly, giving you lackluster and limp curls (which won’t look good with your swimsuit!).

Luckily there are UV protecting products out there that coat hair to keep moisture in and harmful sun rays out. Besides, it’s the summer and the last thing you want to do is hide curls under a hat or stay indoors until the sun sets. Your curls deserve to take center stage, so read on for some of our favorite products to protect your locks from the sun.


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