The Best Drugstore Makeup Concealer I've Used

The Best Drugstore Makeup Concealer I’ve Ever Used

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My history with foundation is a pretty torrid one. In high school I began testing the waters of makeup, leaving my mom’s beauty bag behind and looking into products that worked for me. Having fairly glowy (also known as oily) skin in a dark tone, it was often hard to find to right products– concealers and foundations specifically.

I tried ones from smaller brands that had a wider range of shades and I tried from larger brands that were easily accessible. And for a couple of years I had settled on a two-in-one liquid concealer that matched my milk chocolate complexion perfectly. Unfortunately I had two big issues: One, the makeup rubbed off on everything. And two, it was expensive.

After suffering from my first world problem for years, I had had enough this summer. So I took a lunch break to the closest Duane Reade –after getting makeup on my collar, desk and phone– and talked to an expert in the beauty aisle.

“I need a concealer and/or foundation that will not get everywhere,” I pleaded. “Know just what you need,” the helpful associate said.



Revlon ColorStay Makeup (general)
Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin, $12


Apparently, this product from Revlon has been in the market for years. Revlon’s line of ColorStay products boast 24-hour coverage that won’t “cake, fade, or rub off.” And since I’ve been using it (three weeks), I’ve seen very little to no rub off.

I suggest you give it a try, it may be the best thing you’ve discovered all week.

And check out other products that claim to do a similar job on the next pages.

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