Style Guide: How To Fashionably Wear Shorts To The Office This Season

Style Guide: How To Fashionably Wear Shorts To The Office This Season



Throughout the years, workwear has become one of the most difficult outfits to prepare, no matter the season. And a continuous question regarding the do’s and don’ts of dressing for the office would have to be whether shorts are appropriate or not. Since fashion is constantly changing, the popular summer staple has been modernized from everyone’s casual bottom to an office appropriate separate that shows off your gams. But the transformation isn’t as easy as it sounds (especially depending on your work environment). Luckily, with the help of a few simple style rules, the well-known bottom can easily be incorporated into your workwear wardrobe this summer season.

Click ahead for six easy fashion tips on how to nail the art of wearing shorts to the office.

Pay Close Attention To Length

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When it comes to wearing shorts, the length is critical. You want to find a length that will not only flatter your body type, but will also be appropriate enough for the office. If you work in a corporate setting, always remember that your shorts should be the same length as your skirts or dresses (which is usually knee-length).

Your Proportions Matter

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We like to think that no matter what you choose to wear, proportions are very important. But when it comes to wearing certain separates (like shorts), they’re vital. If you’re going for a longer short, keep the look conservative with a longline jacket or blazer. And if you prefer the shorter look, pair your bottoms with a shorter boxy jacket.

Incorporate Pleats Into Your Look


Full Shorts

A modern way to incorporate some professional taste into a workwear outfit that includes shorts is to utilize pleats. They’re a design technique that shows off your feminine side while proving that you mean business.

Don’t Try To Be Matchy-Matchy …

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Your work ensemble doesn’t have to be monochromatic. It’s more fun to mix and match bold colors that are sure to brighten up the office.

… Unless It’s With Prints

Haute Hippie

Haute Hippie Floral Print Short Set

The only exception to wearing a matching short set is if it’s one with prints. Try to have fun with your workwear wardrobe and choose a print that’s refreshing and has a splash of color.

Fabric Matters

Mother Of Pearl

Mother Of Pearl Wool Nyos Shorts

Sometimes certain fabrics can come off as a bit too casual for an office setting (nylon, linen, and sometimes cotton). Try to go for a more structured look by opting for fabrics like rayon, light wool blends and pressed cotton.

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