14 Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

14 Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

beauty mistakes

We’re not all perfect—some of us make mistakes and some of us might be making them and not even know we’re making them. Even when it comes to hair, makeup, and nails. Some beauty mistakes might be easy to spot, but some may not be so blatant. But when it comes to beauty, thankfully we have a list of common hiccups so you won’t have to be “that girl.” Check out our list of 14 beauty mistakes you might be making…

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1. Not applying your foundation along your hairline and by the ears
The quickest way to get your foundation to look like a mask is to not blend it out toward your hairline and also don’t forget near your ears. If blending is an issue for you, try a damp beauty blender sponge and gently dab it on the skin to create a foolproof, seamless application.


2. Pulling your fake lashes off

Those falsies looked great but at the end of the night all a girl wants to do is hit the hay so you pull them off, right? Noooooo. You risk snatching out your real lashes and not to mention, um, ouch! Instead dip a cotton swab in some baby oil and glide it along the strip of the lashes to loosen the glue and then GENTLY remove the lash.

3. Not reapplying your SPF

Sunscreen might be one of your best defense against harmful sun rays, but it does have its limits. For one, no sunscreen is completely waterproof so once things like sweat and water factor in, it loses its efficacy. So for those days when you’re out in the sun for prolonged hours at a time, reapply your SPF every two hours. You also want to reapply right after toweling off from a swim or intense sweating.

4. Doing twist-outs on completely drenched hair

So there’s a percentage of curly-haired wonders who can do a wet twist-out and then have it come out fabulously and then there’s the rest of us. One way to get the most out of your twist-out is to do it on mostly-dried and stretched hair. There’s less of a chance for frizz and a much greater chance at the results you desire.

5. Not getting your hair cut after your big chop

Many naturals go from the big chop to directly into grow out mode–which isn’t a bad thing—a girl’s got her hair length goals sometimes you know. But what can throw a monkey wrench in your hair game is not ever getting your hair cut again and then it’s in that awkward stage and you feel like you can’t do anything with it. This is where a great not just cut but STYLE comes into play. Get something that fits your face shape and lifestyle and you’ll be amazed at how easy you’ll move onto the next hair stage.

6. Wearing “Banana” powder

Yes, Ben Nye Banana Powder is an amazing tool for setting your highlight and also flew off shelves when it was made known that Kim K’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic uses it on the reality TV star. But um, Banana isn’t the only shade the powders come in—there’s Coco Tan, Beige Suede, and other colors that might be better suited for your skin. A quick rule of thumb is to pick a shade no more than two shades lighter than your skin tone.

7. Not cleaning your brushes regularly

Not only are you introducing bacteria and other opportunistic yuckies into your makeup stash, but by not washing your brushes, you can also be affecting how your makeup applies. Get sudsy once a week—you can be all fancy with a brush cleaner or regular Dawn dishwashing liquid does the trick, too.


8. Keeping mascara past its prime

Mascaras should be tossed after three months (another reason why drugstore mascaras rule) because all that action from the wand going in and out of the tube can create an environment where germs can thrive. And when germs thrive, it ain’t pretty. Prevent yourself from getting an eye infection and toss that tube.

9. Not giving your moisturizer time to dry before applying foundation

Because some moisturizer formulas can thin your makeup out causing blotchiness and shortens the life span of your coverage for the day, it’s best to wait a minute for the moisturizer to “set.”

10. Putting on fragrance after you get dressed

Perfume was meant to interact with the skin—and not only that, it can stain your clothing. To get the most out of your scent, apply it before you get dressed to your pulse points (knees, wrists, throat) and don’t rub your wrists together—it can break down the structure of your scent.

11. Forgetting your neck

The neck is one of the first places to show signs of aging yet is one of the places many ignore in their beauty routine. No need to get fancy with special products for the neck (unless you want to), just make sure you’re extending down to your neck when applying moisturizer both day (with SPF) and night.

12. Wearing the wrong foundation shade

It can happen to the best of us—you think the shade you tried at the department store looks good—and maybe it did under those lights, but the best indicator is in natural daylight. You want to make sure your foundation matches both your skin tone AND undertone. Also sometimes especially with women of color, two shades are needed for a more natural look—one for the perimeter of the face which tends to be darker and one for the center which can tend to be lighter.


13. Peeling off your nail polish

You definitely don’t want to do this because you could also be peeling off the protective layer on your nails and can make them thinner and weak.

14. Filing nails back and forth

Doing this can cause breakage, instead file the nails in one direction.


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