Flaunt Your Curly Weave With These 15 Styles

curly weave

When it comes to natural hair, one thing you may want to consider is a protective style to give your hair a bit of a break from daily styling and manipulation. One popular protective style is a hair weave or extensions. In the past, these styles were often hard to maintain because the extensions came in textures that didn’t match natural hair and many times required the usage of heat. Today more and more hair extension brands are coming up with various textures even beyond your standard “curly.” You can find hair that comes in the kinkiest of textures to match 4B/C hair. Just bear in mind that you still need to maintain curly and kinky extensions—you still have to wash, twist, braid, detangle, etc. or you could wind up with really bad matting and also alter the life of the hair you spent so much money on.

But now that we got a few ground rules covered, here’s 15 ideas for your next weave.


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  • Chriss

    Can you tell chicks how to keep those weaves smelling fresh.Ive come across too many that smell like wet towel

  • http://www.soundjay.com/baby-cooing-sound-effect.html gerbert the

    This should have been called “15 amazing ideas on how to have white girl hair styles”. Who do these women think they are fooling? Why are they ashamed to have their natural hair? Yet, sites like this or B0SSlP will rag on white girls having cornrows or an afro…while praising every move Beyonce with her long blonde hair does.

    • gerbertisanidiot

      uuuum what white women do you know have hair like these?? These styles imitate 3b-4c black hair… uuum bye!

  • more

    UGH! idk why people continue suggesting sew in weaves -_-. You have to continue using heat to blend it in smh! never made any sense

    • Rachael

      When I wore a weave I didn’t use heat and I have 4A-B hair and a 4A-B weave. It depends on the quality/type of hair you purchase.

      • more

        you did not read what i wrote I SAID “BLEND IN THE HAIR” .. You can buy 100% virgin remy hair but if your hair is KINKY and the remy is NOT than you would need to blend in your OWN hair to match the remy. Unless you don’t mind the tracks showing or walking around with two different hair textures. The goal is to look natural. When you take your weave out it should be longer than when you started

        • Rachael

          No, YOU didn’t read what you wrote. You stated sew in’s are pointless because you have to use heat to blend the hair. Your comment ONLY applies to certain types of weave. I stated that it depends on the hair you buy -meaning if you buy hair more like the type growing out of your scalp, you do not have to use heat to blend. How do you NOT comprehend this simple statement? Never mind. Bye Felecia.

  • PolkaDots

    Nice weaves. Now if only they could get they own hair to grow to those lengthts. (It’s crazy, you can get a weave to mimic all kinds of hair textures/lengths/looks but no one has figured out how to grow out BLACK hair)


    • more

      Iits not easy to grow it out especially VERY KINKY textures. It breaks easily and is prone to dryness

      • PolkaDots

        Then oil it. There is argon oil and others.

        • more

          ugh! smh perhaps you should read up on hair it takes more than JUST SOME DAMN oil to grow hair -_-

          • PolkaDots

            Ummm, no it doesn’t. If Whites and Latinas can grow their hair without all the extra Blacks should be able to as well.

            I just don’t get all the creativity that goes into the weaves but none that goes into growing your OWN hair. After the weave is out, you should have hair longer than what you started with.

          • more

            If you knew ANYTHING about black hair you would know that their hair is OILY by nature while ours is dry. The oils on their hair travel down to the entire hair shaft while ours needs to be manually put in. like I said there is LOT to think about when growing black hair. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging your own hair while trying to make it do what the white girls hair does.. READ into it don’t just assume. Being that you don’t care to read into it than you just wont know

          • ByeFelicia

            Omg you really do need the short bus. Smh

          • PolkaDots

            Excuses, excuses, excuses. Just say that you people really don’t give a f^ck about growing your OWN hair and you want to wear someone elses!