14 Bantu Knot Out Hairstyles To Try

bantu knot outs

Though a bantu knot out can be a little tricky (you NEVER take your hair out until you absolutely know for 100% sure that it’s completely dry), it’s a great way to get gorgeous voluminous curls whether your hair is natural or relaxed. And the results will last you a few days–slightly dropping each day to give you a modified look as it wears on.

Another reason to love the method? It doesn’t take a ton of tools and very, very, VERY little money to do it. So to give you some reasons why you need to start doing them (or for additional affirmation if you’re already doing them), here are 14 great styles featuring the bantu knot out.


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  • d

    I tried this more than once, and it never comes out like the pictures. *sigh*

    • momsaysweremovingtoboston

      Try using cantu curling cream on dry hair or u can spray it a little bit wit a water bottle leave em in over night and watch how it gorgeous it looks. Or u can use design essentials curl enhancing mousse on dry hair it leaves ur hair soft and bouncy. :) I love my natural and bantu know are all I rock lol I usually do the 2 strand twist then knot. Sorry for this long post lol

      • catherine

        I tried to post this and got moderated! But yes! Two strand twist those bad boys!

      • catherine

        Also, do you use that curl enhancing mousse on dry hair only after you wash, or can I use it maybe midway through the week as well for a little pick me up?

    • Chile_Pleeze

      shea moisture combo of curl enhancing smoothie and gel souflee… keeps my curls from looking like tumbleweeds

  • momsaysweremovingtoboston

    I love love love this! Hey my naturalistas :)

    • catherine

      Hey, girl, hey!

      • christinembarger

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  • lol

    wait till the white women start trying to rock the bantu knots…and calling it a new trend..stop copying white women,,,l you dont like us blk people remember~~~

    • tarrilove

      They did in 90’s when Bjork and Madonna started wearing them.

    • C

      Different races/cultures copy others’ styles all the time. It’s just people admiring different people’s looks.
      I’m trying this tomorrow. I’m so horrible at doing hairstyles, but still can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • tarrilove

    This post kept me from relaxing my hair today. Im getting frustrated, I’ve been wearing sew-ins, and wigs as protective style. But I have to start working out. I think I just hold off. Because I can wait to wear this style. I just need more length :)

    • http://styleblazer.com AnayoSB

      So good to hear :) You can do this style with as little as an inch of growth. Good luck with your natural hair journey!

      • tarrilove

        Thank you :)

  • Good Natural Girl

    My hair is extremely soft and bantu knots does me no justice.

  • Rachael

    I watched the “How To DIY” video featuring the blonde the other day. I want to do this so bad. I can’t wait until the weather calms down so I don’t have to worry about the poof explosion that tends to happen every time I leave my hair out. Right now a large textured bun is my standard go to hairstyle.

  • SM


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  • Mrs. Frugalicious

    I did this last night and unraveled this morning to a beautiful wavy curl on my 2A hair. I Should mention that my natural hair was flat ironed (day 4) and I added a tad bit of olive to each section oil for moisture. I layed edges down with beez wax, then wrapped scarf around edges, then another scarf to cover whole head. Last a silk bonnet to secure the moisture. I love how it turned out. I will re-knot tonight cause I gotta look super cute tomorrow. I’ll be rocking this style all next week. So affordable and no stress.