Willow Has Nothing to Whip Back and Forth After Big Bold Chop (Relive All Her Wild-Child Hair Styles!)

Willow Has Nothing to Whip Back and Forth After Big Bold Chop (Relive All Her Wild-Child Hair Styles!)

She’s most known for whipping her amazing hair back and forth.  But at 11 years old, when many American girls are obsessed with wearing their locks long, Willow Smith has chosen to explore her maturity with a bold new hairstyle in the most minimal option available—a shaven head!

We must admit StyleBlazers, we love Willow’s new look.  Though some people already complain about her vibrant print mixing and bright colors, we can only imagine what they have to say about her light cesar.  But we say Willow does no style harm!

At her age, vibrant prints and bright colors are all the rage, and coupled with her constant rotation of sassy hair dos, it all makes for a dynamic style game.  Now that she has chosen to shave her head, this young girl’s natural beauty and unique style will shine even more.

Take a look at Willow’s hair evolution since her pop debut in 2010 in the gallery below.


  • only1princess10

    This Saddens me… Why is this acceptable  for an 11 yr old to have this much control over her body… Next she will be dressing like a boy. Is she acting out cuz she wants attenton??? Or is she doing this becuz her parents are getting a divorce ???  Either way … I’m outraged !!!! I have an 11yr. she told me she thinks it’s stupid . Not everyone has to have long hair but she has an Identity Crisis !!!! They won’t be able to conrol her by 15 !!!!!

    • Iamgodzangel

      Maybe it is simply becuase she is 11, still a child who likes to explore. There is no similarity between her and your child besides age. So it’s your child’s opinion if it’s stupid. Willow likes it and at least she has clothes on. Questionable fashion sense yes…but that then again that is my opinion.

    • Maradebe2004

      I would refrain from teaching my child to call anybody stupid. Your 11 year old is 11 years old. You could model better language skills than reinforcing him/her calling anyone’s way of doing things stupid.

      • guest

        The poster did not say her daughter called Willow stupid; what she said was her daughter called the hairstyle stupid.  Her daughter merely stated an opinion of the hairstyle, which was in response to the question posed by Styleblazer.  The reason we are posting to a message board is to give our varied opinions, including you posting your opinion.  We don’t know if the poster taught her child to call anybody stupid or not because that is not what she said, but she does have a right to her opinion, especially since there was a specific question asked above seeking the readers opinions of the hair cut

      • I don’t see why something should be wrong with someone primarily because they decide to chop their hair off. I think it’s a bit pathetic to make such a bizarre statement. No one said much about her other ‘crazy’ hairstyles, but as soon as an 11 year old wants to chop their hair off it’s a big problem? What about eleven year old boys who have braids in or dreads? Are they crazy? Something wrong with them?  

        • Getryteeuphoric1

          That wasn’t an intelligent statement at all. Men and boys wear dreads and braids, women and girls dnt wear bald heads. All her styles have shown me she is crying for attention. She has too much control over what she does. She needs help, those kids cuss like adults  and all, them kids are screaming for help.

        • Getryteeuphoric1

          That wasn’t an intelligent statement at all. Men and boys wear dreads and braids, women and girls dnt wear bald heads. All her styles have shown me she is crying for attention. She has too much control over what she does. She needs help, those kids cuss like adults  and all, them kids are screaming for help.

          • And what gives you the position of a person who can decide what is an intelligent statement and what’s not? It’s a bit unintelligent to state that as well, don’t you think?

          • Um, yes, some women DO choose to shave their heads. Deal with it. Do you live in some rigid, controlling society with severe gender restrictions? I pity you. Perhaps you should shave your head and let some air get to your judgmental brain.

          • Tckelly78

            Where have you been? You must live under a rock because a lot of women and girls where bald heads or fades now. It’s 2012 not 1912. Get a grip.

      • Tckelly78

        I’m curious. Why is something wrong with her? Now, you’re doing what you were defending. You are judging a child by a hairdo. Are you a psychologist?

    • prilax

       You’re outraged? Seriously? Over someone else’s hair? Don’t you think there are maybe a couple of other things in the world that are truly worth being outraged about?

    • Darrick Reid

       Its just hair. If you have to control a child all the way down to the type of hairstyle they wear, then you have the crisis, a control crisis. That’s too much power. Looking at the picture of her in the ballet outfit, I doubt that she is having gender identity issues. 

    • Tckelly78

      Why is shaving her head an identity crisis? Have you ever heard of self-expression? This is not acting out as I’m sure she consulted with both her parents before doing this. It’s not like she has tattoos. Plus, at 11 yrs old if I remember correctly, a lot of girls are in a tom boy phase at this age.

    • i agree with you 100% excellent point well made!.

    • Pareebeberry

      She looks amazing!!!!!!! Your hair is not your personality…she doesnt have any hair and she still has swagg

  • Anais Love

    How is this bad? I think it sends a good message to people, especially people with cancer to let them know that their beautiful, with or without hair.

  • SICK of the Smith family.  I really am.  The parents are self-absorbed and do nothing to encourage their children to be anything other than what they are, self-absorbed. 

    How about encouraging them in education, because they will need that to fall back on.  These are not future superstars.  Just celebrity kids.  Period.

    • Denisemt71

      How do you know anything about this family other than what you’ve read and what you’ve put together in your mind?  Furthermore, how do you know these children don’t have an education? Its sad that individuals mask their jealousy and hate, by slandering families that stay together and raise their children. If they are having problems in THEIR MARRIAGE, we should do what we’d do for any other couple, wish them the best and pray for their union!!

      • Nikilah1

        Can’t a person (such as Kathleen Tandy above) be critical w/o necessarily being hateful or jealous?  It seems that “hate” is so overused these days!

        • HUstrawberry

          It comes off as hate when you’re assuming something about the family versus talking about things that you know for sure are true.  Her parents let her get her head shaved and she dresses unique, so that means they don’t value education and making sure that their children are educated?  That makes absolutely no sense and makes the person saying it come off as a hater.  Their parents are self-absorbed why? Because they let their children express themselves artistically, whether it’s music, acting, dressing, or hairstyles?  How do they know the Smiths don’t encourage their children in other positive ways?  Are they present for their family discussions?   And the comment about them not being future superstars, how is anyone to know this? Do they have a crystal ball?  It definitely is either hate or jealousy.  Insulting their family and children based on a haircut?  Seriously???

      • guest

        Well, I can state an opinion about their education because, as a former teacher, with both a MS.Ed and ED. D.; I watched in horror as Willow struggled to read a teleprompter and pronounce words that should have been in her word database, by now.  So watching her struggle to read while soar to perform on camera gives me the impression that this child lacks in basic skills while she continues to pursue a “career”.  So, yes I think it is poor parenting when she is allowed to have more automaticity in dressing to shock her audience than in basic literacy skills.  She should have a greater automaticity in her language/word schema that she displayed on NATIONAL TELEVISON! 

        •  As an MS.ED and ED.D you would also be aware of that there are such things as learning difficulty, which include dyslexia. Even if she struggles to read a “teleprompter” or pronounce words, these are not things which will last forever. Give a child a bit of space. If most children of today were given the opportunity to learn at their own pace instead of being forced to learn things, you’d have more children actually interested in learning. I know this from experience, and from watching so many children go astray just because they weren’t allowed to grow up naturally. I am proud to be in my final year of Media and Communication at University after my parents realised that forcing me to do things wasn’t the right way to go. Soon I’ll be in possession of a degree, and also pursuing a MS straight after. 

        • Getryteeuphoric1

          You are right, adults now days dn’t have any sense ie these kids being just as ignorant. 

    • Jaz-19andGoingStrong

      what’s crazy to me is the fact that you think you know them. you have never sat down to eat dinner with them, had constnat conversations with each member of the family to see what kind of people they really are, or hell even been a fly on the wall to see their lives day in and day out. How do you know what Will and Jada are teaching their children? Do you REALLY know what is being emphasized inside of their home? No? Well in that case, sit down and be quiet! Because the same madness you are throwing out, is probably being thrown at your back without  your knowledge. You don’t know until you really know and until then keep the ignorance, yes, you lady are being ignorant to the fullest, to yourself.

  • Lady Belle

    This girls needs to stop, trying to hard to be diff , & yes her parents are quite self absorbed to let this go on..

    • WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING DIFFERENT? Conformity is for the unoriginal, the boring,  the fearful and the controlled. I would rather my child be an independent thinker who can make her own decisions about how SHE wants to look and what SHE wants to represent. 

      I cannot deal with you small-minded, judgmental types who insist that conformity is all. It isn’t. Think for yourself. Or go about your business and hate people with more courage and integrity and imagination than you.

    • Amen, Kevmoneycash, amen. Here’s to originality. Here’s to striving for more. Here’s to teaching our children to THINK and LEAD, not follow the dictates of cowards and conformists. Cowards and conformists don’t change the world. 

  • AnjBerhe

    She is a child why not treat her as one.

  • Refinedone

    You know what is really funny to me?! How we pass judgement on our fellow man without taking a look at ourselves…please name one person you know who has never been self absorbed at one time or another? Name one person who walks the earth that has never committed a sin…he without sin cast the first stone…if your not religious that’s fine too…I’ll leave you with this…when is the last time you sat at table with Willow or her family? Exactly, how can you pass judgement on someone you haven’t even has one conversation with? Look in the mirror…better yet get off your horses…

  • Maradebe2004

    What a beautiful girl! Well done Will & Jada.

  • Kevmoneycash

    none of us were thinking that…

  • ummmmmmmm, what? 

  • ummmmmmm! what?…i’m hoping this is a hair-do gone bad! Her hair was never really done and always looked like it needed a brush and some grease! I’m a hair nut and my 16yr old has no idea how to do her own hair! i’m praying that this is the issus and that these grown parents aren’t letting their 11 yr old run the show like this! there is aristry and then there is 

  • childhood…let her have one! She can do all this crazy stuff when she gets older! Stop screwing up yaws life and pay attention to your children’s! just my opinion!

  • My 10 year old loves, loves, loves the super short hair styles. But I am sorry to say she will wear her natural length until she turns 18 years old. At 10, I create her limits such as attire, privacy, and what not. But I guess when you are in the entertainment industry, your fashion is pretty much condusive to your line of work. It’s cute on her. But MY child won’t be shaving her head because Willow has. Love Willow though.

  • I don’t see how her shaving her hair comes off as “acting grown” maybe she’s going natural…. People are so close minded these days.

    • Getryteeuphoric1

      Are you people kidding me? She is 11. When Brittany Spears, an adult, shaved her head it was said she went crazy, a meltdown, whats wrong with her; but this little kid does it and she is defended and justified. What is the country becoming? A kid needs to stay in a kids place and shaving your head for a little girl is definitly not a fashion statement, cute, or her being a kid. All little girls, even women feel it is a extension or their femininity. She has no idea.

    • And judgmental and controlling. It’s evil, really. Symptomatic of all that is wrong with the US. Let people BE.

  • From the time I was 5 my mother let me choose my own hairstyle. She also let me choose my own clothes (within reason). I’m a typical 33 year old wife and mother. Go Willow! I love the shaved head. Very empowering! 

    • Getryteeuphoric1

      The key words are WITHIN REASON, ur mom aint just let u make a fool of yourself and her.

      • I don’t see anything she has done as foolish. My mother would’ve fully supported me  shaving my head. In fact, when my hair gets long enough, I’ll be shaving my head for and in memory of cancer patients. My husband supports this 100%. He’d support me even if I just wanted to shave it. I think she’s being a great role model. It’s been years since women burned their bras and still, most of us lack true empowerment. Bald, short, heavy…we are beautiful. 

        • I’ve always wondered the same thing. It’s really sad if you ask me. 

      • Right!

      • Tckelly78

        Are you trying see she is making a fool of herself and her parents? I’m pretty sure somebody has not-so-great opinions about you. A shaved head does not make you look like a fool. For every person that thinks this there’s probably 10 who like it. Do you and let her do her!

  • Anonymous

    Will looks like his sugar in the tank is leaking.

  • Drearob1

    That’s what happens when you have  whack hair dressers who don’t know what to do …….

  • Anonymous

    She needs to worry more about what’s IN her head than what’s on it.  Jada and Will are being irresponsible parents. They give this CHILD way too much say.  They think it’s cute now, but it won’t be so cute in a few years. I find Will & Jada’s children obnoxious!  The oldest child seems better adjusted but that’s because Jada isn’t his mother.

  • Bella

    She’s more braver than me. She’s confident and killin’ it. Let Willow be Willow.

  • Getryteeuphoric1

    Very true, didn’t even take that into account, but you are right. He has been recieving allot of attention for cutting his hair, probably her way of getting some too, her parents are divorcing.

    • And you know this for sure… how, exactly? Because some tabloid said so? 

  • prilax

    It’s hair.  It grows back.  Looks better than any of the other styles in the slideshow. 

  • tee

    That hair has been through a lot of heat and styling>  it was probably time to start over.  No biggie–it’s the price you pay in show business.   The cut is certainly better than slapping lacefront on this kid.

  • I think willow is trying to find herself. things will only get more interesting believe me.

  • I don’t know any parent (a responsible parent)  of an 11 year old female child who would allow this.  This kid has waaaaay too much ” freedom of expression” as far as I am concerned.  Read a book.

    • Right. Every parent of an II-year-old girl (I guess boys don’t count) is all about forcing their daughter into ridgidly preosribed gender roles. Um, NO. I think your rules are evil. Let them be who they are, not who I tell them to pretend to be.

  • I think they’ve been in the business so long that they have forgotten that she is a child (yes, a child) and not a teenager or a grownup.  Be a kid for goodness sakes!

  • Bny

    Another catastrophe waiting to happen!!!!! The kids can’t help but be confused because the parents have no sense of parenting. Anything goes now. This kid has no sense of what she is doing. Too much money at such a young age. Let’s just hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

  • I don’t understand what the fuss is about.  Would I allow MY daughter to do it? Nope.  But this is not my daughter.  If she wanted to do it, and her parents are okay with that, let her do it.  Don’t see how this is bad parenting but Angelina allowing Shiloh to dress as a boy is groundbreaking and giving her child freedom.  anyways, really, it’s just hair. it will grow back.

  • Krystal Davis

    A hairstyle is not indicative of bad/good parenting. They gave her the freedom to cut her hair not to marry a 30 year old calm down people jeez

  • Maybe she wanted to cut it off to grow it out from scratch. It is extremely hard to grow you hair out from a mohawk and look normal. At the end of the day, it’s just hair.. calm down everybody 



  • Majorsolutionsllc

    She’s young and creative! At least she’s confident…leave her alone.

  • It’s hair. It will grow back. Whats wrong with a female being bald? Wow, you people scare me.

  • crazy@$$world

    The world truly is a crazy place!!!! IT’S HAIR!!!!
    When someone can tell me that the child absolutely has no left and right limits within her household, then maybe the hairstyles represent something. But in all actuality, we have no idea what rules, chores, restrictions, guidance those kids adhere to…and furthermore, we don’t know the reasoning, motivation and logic behind allowing the kids to do what we see in public forum. Apparently, there is some parenting in place; both children are very polite, well behaved, quite mannerly in the public eye. This is more than I can say for many children their age, comparatively.

  • Mypsalms51

    the only thing this girl did wrong, was be born famous. what truly saddens me…is reading all of these comments. Today was the first and the last time I will submit to that curiosity. I found what I knew I’d find. 

  • Kameshabell

    willow be you dont worry about what anyone says im a few months older than u and i understand how u feel

  • guest

    she had a mohawk obviously she cant be still growing her hair normal with half short and half long so therefore the best choice is to cut it ia ll an start fresh ….nun aint stupid about jeeez…its just hair and its herssss

  • Ninamosely

    Love it! She’s gorgeous… Moreover, I love that she defines beauty on her own terms. A phenomenal triumph for any woman at any age. Kudos. 

  • Tee Cee

    It’s hair–not the Holy Grail. If it’s cut, it can return.
    We have always taught our beautiful daughter to care for her hair, but to place more emphasis on what’s underneath it. When we teach our young, impressionable girls that their hair is everything, we set them up for failure. What happens if there is an accident with the curling iron, or alopecia, or chemotherapy? If they think their hair defines their beauty then they’ll lose their minds if something happens to it.

  • Sincere

    @Tiffany, Chika, Anais Love and all others with positive responses.  I also feel that she’s a young lady who is expressing herself.  She has been raised by very influential parents, and is just secure with being who she is!  She’s a beautiful respectable young lady that has no hang-ups.  I say Kudo’s to you Willow! To all of you that replied with negative comments….Please don’t judge!

  • the bad guy

      And this is why, all you ignorant closed-minded nay-sayer’s kids will be super clones of the AVERAGE status-quo. Maybe if YOUR parents allowed you a little expression some of you wouldnt be so judgemental. I don’t see anyone starting riots over little girls whose HAIR GET PERMED AT LIKE 6 YO. I’ve never seen people act SO ridiculous over a little girl’s hair that they DONT EVEN KNOW. It GROWS BACK for a reason. Maybe after you’re done cursing this kid it, you can GO AROUND and PUNCH BABIES. FLY THE COUP, BIRDS.

  • tmama57

    There are many things a child at 11 might wish to do but it is the parents job to mentor and manage the decisions until the child is mature enough to make responsible choices.  Just my opinion, but not sure this was a responsible choice.  This is most likely done for publicy and attention. 

  • son

    After reading most of these comments i can honestly say that people have gone crappin crazy fam… us Black folk jus dont seem to have any sense anymore. I know damn well that most of yall over 25 yrs old, at the age of 11 wouldnt think of cuttin ur hair off. Ur mom or pops would send ur head rollin down the street. “its hair” ” its gon grow back” “theres nothin wrong with cutting off her hair”… tru in a sense but fam these youngins nowadays be doin to much extra stuff… too much man

  • Nunya

    Just thought i would point out that her mother use to rock a shaved hairstyle, maybe thats where she got the idea. She probably just wanted to grow it all out even.  Its not a big deal people, its just hair.

  • Omg! it makes me want to vomit I hate it for sure and now she will not be acceptable to any descent boy out there in the industry.Her hair was her signature look I am so sad and I wish she had never did it thanks willow for making a stupid decision like that without checking with me first.Also this just go to show you her parents has no control over her and apparently she has no control over herself ruining her beautiful hair I rather see her dye it instead of shaving it bald such a mess!.

  • Guest

    Your hairstyle looks great Willow! You’re definitely blossoming into a strong individual. Your parents much be proud.

  • Err_born1

    It’s just hair. Why should an 11 year old be prohibited from having a very short haircut? The girl should be forced to have a certain length of hair because of her age? It’s not as though she is walking around w/ a green and purple mohawk, but even if she were, so what. It’s freedom of expression. Suppressing that expression serves little purpose but to make a child even more determined to push the envelope.

  • DCLovely

    Weaves and braids that pull out your hair could be called stupid and most of the people wearing them are over 11 years old. The natural choice could never be stupid. High maintenance hair is not for everyone. Plus, it will probably grow back healthier. I wouldn’t even entertain talking to my child about Willow’s choice in a negative manner. I know I wasn’t born with permed straight european hair (so how can natural be stupid). Check yourself!!