Two Ways Of Safely Detangling Curls

Curl Talk: Two Ways You Can Safely Detangle Your Curls

curlyPhoto: Shutterstock

Let’s be honest. Maintaining curls isn’t always an easy job. Somewhere between keeping our curls moisturized and figuring out ways to style them, our curls can sometimes get tangled and knotted, which isn’t fun and can be very painful to deal with. No matter your hair’s texture, thickness, or length, there is no way to avoid detangling your hair, especially for those of us who are natural. It’s one of the biggest challenges that naturals face and oftentimes one of the reasons that new naturals can feel defeated on their natural hair care journey.

Despite how you may feel about it, detangling curls isn’t all that bad when done with patience and care. It’s all about the tools and procedures you utilize. For example, using a wide tooth comb gently detangles while also removing the shed hairs that can get trapped and create more tangles. A denman brush glides through hair and removes tangles and lessens the damage of snagging. And although it’s more suited for straight hair, naturals can also benefit from a paddle brush which allows curls to slide through thanks to the big gap between bristles. One of the simplest and cheapest methods is finger combing, which is the process of taking your fingers and gently pulling apart knots and tangles apart.

Click through for a look at two ways you can detangle your curls–wet detangling and dry detangling.

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