Kanye West Finally Has A GQ Cover

Kanye West Covers GQ Magazine And Shows How To Dress Like A God (More Inside!)

Kanye-West-for-GQ-August-2014-2Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/GQ


After the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple hit the cover of Vogue, the man of the house, Kanye West covers the August 2014 cover of GQ! Sporting his almost signature camel coat with mini lapels which we’re going to assume is Margiela, the rapper is shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Details are actually being kept pretty mum.  The interview hasn’t debuted and besides a few Instagram moments we haven’t really seen the editorial.  There’s an assumption that amongst the various labels he wears, there’s a heavy helping of his APC collaboration.  We’re going to go out a limb here and say the white tee and likely the jeans he’s wearing on the cover are products of that.  From leather pants, to cozy knit turtlenecks as well as Timbalands and the perfect fall coats(the Margiela army green one is sublime).

At one point, the controversial artist sports the black leather jacket he and wifey Kim got as a his and her set for their wedding.  The shoot was styled, naturally, by Ye himself.


0814-GQ-FEKW03Photo:Patrick Demarchelier/GQ


On his new wife and family: “That wasn’t my goal. My goal is just to be respected as a man when I walk down the street with my family. I don’t care what your job is, you’re not gonna talk down to me, you’re not gonna try to get a rise out of me. I’m a man first. And in establishing that, some interesting things have happened.”

On his 45 minute wedding toast: “What I talked about in it was the idea of celebrity, and celebrities being treated like blacks were in the ’60s, having no rights, and the fact that people can slander your name. I said that in the toast. And I had to say this in a position where I, from the art world, am marrying Kim. And how we’re going to fight to raise the respect level for celebrities so that my daughter can live a more normal life. She didn’t choose to be a celebrity. But she is. So I’m going to fight to make sure she has a better life.”

On choosing to be with the biggest tabloid star: “There was a time for two or three years where fashion designers wouldn’t give Kim dresses. There was a time they wouldn’t even let me be at shows. Now the idea that Kim is in a Givenchy Couture dress is raising the communication. Because people would be more apt to be like, “Celebrities don’t really have style. Celebrities can’t dress. Celebrities are less educated.” But they haven’t had the chance to be able to break through and have Carine Roitfeld sitting right there. Carine Roitfeld is the Walt Disney of what Tumblr is today. She is the Kanye West of what Tumblr is today. She’s the single most important person to what street style is today. And she was at the wedding seven seats down from Kim, who is one of the number one fashion plates of today. So I said, “Wow, Carine is seven seats down from Kim. Farnaz [Farjam], the producer of the Kardashians and the producer of The Real World, is four seats down from [director] Steve McQueen. And four seats, because in between them is Hosain [Rahman] from Jawbone.” This is what I talked about. That was not a forty-five-minute speech to myself. Do you realize what that means for those people to be in that close of a proximity to each other?”

Read more of the interesting interview, here.

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