Our Exclusive Interview With Priti NYC Founder

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Getting Pretty With Priti NYC’s Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Kim D'Amato headshot

Photo: Kim D’Amato

In the early aughts, followers of fashion saw the rise of Ugg boots, geek chic, and Botox. But right underneath all of our noses came the creation of Kim D’Amato’s Priti NYC. A true trendsetter in the eco-friendly skincare landscape, D’Amato thought of the idea to open the first organic nail spa while pregnant in 2004. In 2005, both the Priti NYC organic spa and its first nail range were developed, furthering her mission to provide 5 free, vegan, non-toxic nail polish.

Ever since then, Priti (which means “with love” among many other beautiful meanings in Sanskrit) NYC has been a leading force for women, children, and some men who believe in natural beauty, both outside and in.

With the rise of celebrity natural beauty supporters (Shailene Woodley, Cameron Diaz) and brands (Juice Beauty, Scotch Naturals), plus the frantic popularity and attention around nail art today, we are raising our nails to the forerunner of luxury organic nail polish in New York and beyond!

We were able to briefly catch up with the intelligent D’Amato just as she was in the midst of a busy schedule during this year’s recent Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Click through for what she had to say about the importance of Priti NYC, her inspiration for producing organic nail polish and other beauty products, and her thoughts on the future of the company.

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