Your Morning Tea: A Woman's Closet Necessities

Your Morning Tea: A Woman’s Closet Necessities


The difference between a woman and a lady sometimes comes down to what’s in their closet. No nothing overtly sexy or feminine, but just some basics that make day-to-day fabulous easier. [READ More]

Rue La La has a new chief executive officer as she’s coming from the now Dots LLC. Lisa Rhodes will oversee the merchandising and planning departments for the trendy retailer. With 30 years of experience under her belt, this is just another win for the tech space. [READ More with subscription]

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ son is making some serious money off his cuteness. Egypt Dean posed for Ralph Lauren’s fall 2014 campaign with modelesque ease. The kid has a bright future. [SEE More]

Here’s what happened when two Orthodox Jewish designers had a Muslim woman model their clothing. Teaser: Pandemonium. [READ More]

Small towns have the most adventurous criminals partly because they want to test the limits of law, and partly because there’s nothing else to do. Which is probably why this woman stole clothes, posted her outfits online and quickly got arrested. [READ More]

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