10 Best Beauty Looks On Instagram This Week

10 Best Beauty Looks On Instagram

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Mondays aren’t always the easiest days of the week but we like to help you get your week started with tons of hair and makeup inspiration as seen on Instagram. Tons of beauty inspiration comes from the photo sharing app and we put together ten that catch our eye every week. This week we’re loving pops of bold color on both the eyes and lips as well as in the hair. Check out the ten looks that made our list this week!

  • PolkaDots

    ***Yawn*** The writer of this article should be slapped.

  • jas chicago

    The Arabian girl looks like a clown

  • YoManwantsit


  • Leigh

    Got to the second pic with a raised brow then read the comments & didn’t even bother flipping through the rest, the first two pics are not good. Not sure who chose these & what you were basing it on but there are plenty of talented mud’s on IG, no excuses for any of these to be bad…

    • maryjlay

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