How I Made It: Celeb Hair Stylist Kim Kimble

How I Made It: Celeb Hair Stylist Kim Kimble

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We’re back with another inspiring story for How I Made It. For our third episode of Season 5, we chatted with celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble. Watch the video above to learn her story and stay tuned for future episodes!

About This Episode

Celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble has recently become a household name due to the success of her WE tv show, L.A. Hair. But Kimble made a name for herself in the hair industry almost two decades ago when she hired as the key hair stylist for the film, B*A*P*S starring Halle Berry. Since then, Kimble has styled numerous A-list clients from Beyoncé to the late Whitney Houston and has gone on become a salon owner, hair care line creator and now reality TV star.

Originally wanting to become a fashion designer, watch the video above to learn how Kimble went from a shampoo girl to a highly sought-after celebrity hair stylist, hair expert and entrepreneur.


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  • Mia C

    I’m tired of the blck blonde look. Especially on Beyonce who needs to branch out already. On T-Boz it was so good looking, but on women wearing too much weave it’s a strange Barbie – Barbarella thing. Most of the time when I look at Beyonce I focus on the weave. Hair should enhance, not take you over.

    Other than that, I like this woman’s business savvy.

  • Cyn

    As I’m watching this video and being fully aware of the reputation and popularity of Kim, I can’t help but notice the line of demarcation between her edges & her weave texture. It’s so obvious which is startling to me considering. Flawless weaves are found on Gabby Union in Being Mary Jane & Lauren London wears impressive weaves as well, I would think Kim being Kim would have a flawless weave also, especially during an interview. No shade, just odd to see.

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    • prettyredbone

      I think its odd to see too bc she knew she was going to be on camera those edges are just wrong

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  • newdnewd

    I have been wondering how and why she is a famous stylist because I am not impressed by her styling at all. Just a bunch of burnt weave is all I see when she does hair.

  • prettyredbone

    I wish she would have went into detail on how she actually made it.. like yeah you were a stylist on b.a.p.s. but how did you come across that oppurtunity and how did you get other celebrity clients.