Zoe Saldana Pregnant Baby Bump

Zoe Saldana Admits To Being Pregnant Shows Off Baby Bump


First of all, Zoe Saldana joined Instagram. Just in case you missed it, the actress logged on July 4.

And second, she may just win the nonexistent award for the cutest pregnant woman, as the star showed her baby bump at a press junket for the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The 36-year-old was rumored to be pregnant with her first child, with husband Marco Perego. The couple married last summer in London in a private ceremony.

Looks like she is…


Zoe Saldana thumbPhoto: AKM-GSI


Saldana had previously been spotted in overalls and a day dress that showed her bump, but we’ll be seeing more of it during her press rounds. For this event she wore a Monique Lhuillier Resort 2015 blouse and skirt with black pumps.

Her pregnancy style will no doubt be on par with Kerry Washington’s and Kourtney Kardashian‘s style, who both never missed a beat when with child. The next couple of months should be interesting. Congrats!

  • guest


    • PolkaDots

      Yes! I can’t wait to see how she rocks her style preggo.

      • Pedro Martinez

        She doesn’t want her kids to look like her Zoe gots serious self hate issues.

        • PolkaDots

          I totally disagree. Her kids aren’t going to look like her
          anyway…(Sidenote: Like I don’t get it. Most of these celebs kids come out and grow up and look NOTHING like their mothers!)

          At least have the kid look like them for a few years my God! After all, they do carry them for 9 months.

  • benjaminjgibbs

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  • ugh

    She made sure her baby would have white features. The divorce will happen as soon as she pops that baby out.

    • mary

      Ugh indeed, We’re in 2014 and people like you still have a problem with interracial pairs I see. Get over it.

      • Bob

        Sensitive because some people aren’t throwing parades for interracial relationships? Zoe is not Black….she’ s Dominican as she likes to say. People like Zoe who have obvious West African heritage and go out of their way to distance themselves we can do without.

        • mary

          Dominican and latin are not races you ignorant. she’s afro-latina (it’s the same as african-american just your black family speaks spanish) and if you’re blind and not see she’s obviosly not caucasian or japanese that’s your problem. She always identifies as a black woman.

          • Bob

            No sh!t they’re not races, Sherlock! Apparently you are too stupid to understand my post. Zoe goes out of her way to say she’s Dominican or latina in a manner to negate her obvious Blackness. When has she ever said she was Black? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

            Btw, we’re not looking to claim anyone, it’s not like she discovered the fifth element or a new galaxy. People like Zoe who are only Black in order to gain something need to be put on blast.

          • sensitive mary

            More than wait, you could use that thing called GOOGLE before saying bullshit

            “When I go to the D.R., the press in Santo Domingo always asks, “¿Qué te consideras, dominicana o americana?” (What do you consider yourself, Dominican or American?) I don’t understand it, and it’s the same people asking the same question. So I say, time and time again, “Yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman.”) [They go,] “Oh, no, tú eres trigueñita.” (“Oh no, you are ‘dark skinned’”) I’m like, “No! Let’s get it straight, yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman).”

            ” I am a black woman, a proud Latino black woman, and nobody’s going to take that right from me.”

            I think you can google the rest by yourself, and since you’re at it read some essays or free books about the african diaspora and black people that aren’t american.

          • Bob

            When was this? Since she got slammed about the Nina Simone role? Prior to that role she was latina or Dominican, no nod to her Blackness. Like I said, she’s now Black because it will gain her something.

            In regards to the diaspora, either you’re Black or not…… the end.

            What does being American have to do with being Black? Most Africans are Black….invaders are not Africans, so you can miss me with that. There are Black South Americans, Black Caribbeans, Black French, Black Swedes,etc. Noticeably they’re Black outside of America.

            You need better thought out rebuttals.

          • quest

            That quote is from 2006, lol
            Who cares when she said it btw? Should the girl tattoo it on her foread for you to stop being on denial?

          • Bob

            How much do they pay you to keep changing screen names to drive up the comments to make it seem that this site is more successful than it is?

            I’ll do a screenshot because I know they’ll remove this post.

          • guest

            You seem bitter and angry at Zoe…is her choices in who she’s attracted to the reason for your rage?

          • monique

            …Your one posting the most here
            focking irony….

          • Bob

            Moron, I know they’re not races. You’re obviously too stupid to understand my post. Zoe goes out of her way to say she’s Dominican or latina not Black. Show me where she ever said she was Black….ever. Don’ t worry I’ll wait.

            People like Zoe are only Black when it gains them something.

            Btw, professor, Japanese is always capitalized because it’sa nationality as well as a language.

            Considering that you initiated a discussion about race instead of just saying Congreats! You need to take a stadium full of seats.

          • guest

            “Show me where she ever said she was Black….ever”

            Dude gurl said it & u trying hard now

          • Bob

            Apparently you don’t know how to follow posts in the proper sequence since I asked the question first and THEN she posted her quote.

            Failed abortions should not have access to the internet.

          • quest


          • Bob

            I askedthe question THEN she answered it. It is really that hard to follow the proper sequence of posts?

          • Rosa Amanda

            She is Negra because she looks Negra.

          • icebull

            She never identifies as black and in her interviews she makes sure to point out that she is not black. But she sure will take a black role in a minute.

          • monique

            Lol a million ^
            You guys are hilarious with this “she never said she’s black” even in the same page someone posted quotes where she did!! SMDH your trying very hard to win the ‘most idiot comment’ award stay pressed

          • Rosa Amanda

            She looks Negra to me and everybody else she certainly isn’t latina.

          • Bob

            Don’t even bother with the staffers / trolls who are paid to bait in order to increase comment count to make it seem like the site has lots of traffic. Notice I stopped answering the dumb f@ ckery they think passes for cleverness. Real posters would have said congreatsand kept it moving instead of baiting.

          • Rosa Amanda

            There is no such thing as an Afro Latina Latinas are white and Zoe is Negra.

          • marinelle

            This page has so much ignorance
            Latin people are NOT all white
            There are afro latinos that are black, caucasian latinos, asian latinos LATINO IS NOT A RACE AND DOESN’T MEAN WHITE OR MIXED
            it’s like saying that afro-american people don’t exist because americans are all white what you guys are smoking?!
            Read a book and educate yourself

        • sensitive Mary

          Oh yes, one gotta get sensitive about ignorant people hating on a black woman doin nothing wrong and who might be pregnant with her first child. Such classy people.

          • Bob

            Sweetie, read the post I initially reponded to. That person should have just said congreats and keep it moving instead of bringing up of so called haters.

            Dumbazzes like you and her should stay off the internet.

    • beemooree

      u got that right. He seems like the kevin federline and gabriel aubry type

    • NYC Gal

      Zoe does love white men. She was so desperate to get another white man after being dumped by Bradley Cooper. Poor I know she’s praying that her child looks more like her white husband than her.

      • LotusBud

        Yeah, Zoe’s definitely into white men. It’s probably something she’s felt all her life.

    • lint

      Stfu! Take yo lass to the blackest area of world and ship off to your own island if yo ignorant lass can’t accept that not all people see the world black and white.

  • ChocolateHunnyB

    Personally, I am sick and tired of Zoe portraying out iconic African American heroines. I feel that she is being shoved down out throats because she can not play and is not acceptable as a “Latina” because she doesn’t fit the part, but that’s not out fault. Latinos and society find her less palatable to play Latin roles over women you are Latina in appearance and let’s face it appearances matter. Zoe needs to accept the fact that she is Dominican and should either play Dominican roles or create roles for Dominicans who look like her. One thing for sure, we are getting tired of this and she had better not even be considered to play Eartha Kitt that would be the biggest insult on earth.

  • LotusBud

    Good for Zoe. She made it.

  • LotusBud

    I wonder if most black latinas love white men?