Climate Change Perfume Is Real And Lovely

Afternoon Tea: Climate Change Perfume Is Real And Lovely


Photo: The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store

In the future, thanks to climate change, the world will be a much different place than we know it to be today. In order to preserve some of those memories, one artist created a line of perfumes that bottle up the scent of things that are being threatened by climate change. Think coasts, honey, wine, coffee, and more. [Read More]

The pageant world is a scary place–all that hairspray produces a lot of craziness or something–but this news is just plain weird. A beauty queen on a new Bravo show recently shared a behind-the-scenes secret that keeps women from having camel toe during the swimsuit portions of pageants. It’s called a Cuchini… [Read More]

Everyone knows tacky when they see it, but do you know the history of the word? It turns out it was originally applied to horses at the beginning of the 19th century. The more you know… [Read More]

American Eagle Outfitters is taking a new approach to festival fashion and teaming up with the Budweiser Made In America Festival to become their official fashion partner. [Read More]

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