New Study Says Matching Looks Aren't Fashionable

Science Says Matching Looks Aren’t Cute, We Beg To Differ


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We can thank science for a lot of positive advancements. Electricity, Doritos, keratin hair treatments–the list goes on (and is way more expansive and important than just those three aforementioned achievements). But what one scientific study recently said about a fashion trend we love has got us feeling really Bye Felicia about its findings.

According to Fast Company, researchers at the University of North Carolina, Duke, and Carnegie Mellon conducted a study about wearing matching colors and found that “maximum fashionableness is attained when outfits are neither too coordinated nor too different.” The study showed 239 people 30 different color combinations in one of four color palettes, and found that more matching meant more fashion appeal, but that the appeal peaked with moderate color combinations. This pretty much meant that people liked coordination but “matchy matchy” looks were deemed less fashionable.

That type of finding is consistent with the Goldilocks principle, which states that people prefer neither one extreme (matchy matchy), nor the other (zero coordination whatsoever), but, rather, find more appealing some pleasing balance between the two. But we’re not buying it.

For many areas in life, we’re sure this adds up. But fashion is definitely about extremes and risk-taking, and this is a study we’re definitely side eyeing. But science wouldn’t be science without evidence, and we’re here to to provide some.

Click through for 10 matchy-matchy celebrity looks that definitely strike us as stylish. Let us know in the comments, do you agree with the study, or are you a fan of matching looks?

Margot Robbie


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Diane Kruger


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Reese Witherspoon


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Rita Ora


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Gemma Arterton


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Jenna Malone


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Elle Fanning


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Rosario Dawson


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Taylor Swift


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Kristen Stewart


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  • The Elusive Chanteuse

    i could be missing it but these dont seem to matchy matchy to me. just stylish outfits. maybe in the experiment ppl were matching everything [headbands, scrunchies, socks, everything lol]

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