Beauty After Workout Tips

Workout Wednesday: 10 Beauty Must-Haves After An Intense Workout

vanessaPhoto: WENN

The summer can be brutal to those of us who like an intense workout. The most popular areas to tone this summer were outlined by Brooke Siler, world-renowned Pilates guru and celebrity trainer.

Surprisingly, they are:

  • The Back: The hottest body part to work this season isn’t just your core, it’s that sculpted back!
  • Feet: By toning up your feet, you can change the shape of your legs.
  • Bikini posture parts: You can be in shape at the beach, but if your posture isn’t correct, you won’t be portraying a strong and confident self!

After your workout, you want to stay prepped and prepared for anything the day throws at you.

To keep you strong and looking good all day, check out our ten beauty and health must-haves to try after that intense session.

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