Exclusive Interview With Stop The Beauty Madness Founders

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Stopping The Beauty Madness With Robin Rice and Lisa Meade


Photo: Stop The Beauty Madness

Madness surrounds us. From bullying to fatal carjackings, it takes a lot of mental strength, awareness, and a support system to survive on a day-to-day basis with our minds and bodies intact. But even with these, we are prone to having weak moments. The Stop the Beauty Madness campaign is here, however, to help all of us silence the madness in and outside of our minds to finally give them some peace.

With its Creative Director, Robin Rice, and Community Relations Director/Senior Blogger Lisa Meade, Stop the Beauty Madness has recently emerged as a shining knight in beauty positive armor. For those who feel that they are not beautiful or worthy enough, they want us to stop, look in the mirror, and realize that we are more than the circumference of our waists. Using familiar fashion images from stock photography, the viral phenomenon of #StopTheBeautyMadness continues to inspire and engage. But this is the beginning of, what Robin believes, will be a revolution.

We spent some time talking with both women on why Stop The Beauty Madness has received so much attention in the past few months, why it is long overdue that we, as a society, are in need of this campaign now, and where Stop The Beauty Madness is poised to go where no viral beauty campaign has gone before.

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