StyleBlazer Certified: 5 Reasons Rihanna Should Keep Her Hair Blonde (They do Have Way MORE Fun!)

StyleBlazer Certified: 5 Reasons Rihanna Should Keep Her Hair Blonde (They do Have Way MORE Fun!)

Oh, Rihanna, Rihanna. The new golden tresses of everyone’s favorite feisty pop star is already causing a frenzy for us. The unforgettable fiery red look that she made into her own captured our hearts, and even her transitional brown hair color with blonde highlights was fun too, but now Rhi is back to blonde!

The hair color ‘preferred by gentlemen,’ resurfaced on Rihanna last week, rumored to be for a photo shoot she’s working on with Armani. Even though we know she can wear anything and look great (she’ll probably be doing a switcheroo pretty soon) we put together five reasons why she should keep the blonde mane. Indulge in the gallery below…

  • Guest

    She looks ridiculous!

  • H~

    she looks great~lala

  • Lashes

    She looks horrid, cheap and dirty.

  • CynthiaAndujar1

    She looks ridiculous. She should of kept the red hair

  • Burito9245

    She looks great!

  • Shay

    Blonde looks good on her.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous! She looks stunning!

  • Lola

    She looks fantastic!!

  • Anonymous

    Umm no…. Looks a mess

  • Anonymous

    Ok….it’s a wig or weave whatever. It’s hair she can just take off whenever she wants. And she can color her hair as many times as she wants because IT’S NOT HER REAL HAIR so it’s not damaging anything. All those wigs and weaves are what’s really bound to damage her hair. It’s ugly and looks a mess so I hope she doesn’t keep it.

  • Wake up!

    Thank you! OMG!
    We’ve lost our own identity and individuality!

  • why can’t she be herself instead of somebody else…. by the way Madonna Who????

    • Simmie

      Rhihanna herself said in an interview several years ago that it is her goal to be “the black version of Madonna”, thus the reference is appropriate.

  • She isn’t dying her hair she’s wearing cheap raggedy weave! There is a complete difference because she isn’t damaging her hair.

  • Lady Belle

    Now who’s copying who? She don’t stepped on Beyonce feet with this one,, especially the one on page 2

  • Lady Belle

    Tryna do it like Beyonce

  • SayCheese

    She looks good with Blonde. But they cut and dark roots of the weave look a mess. It looks like $15.00 bargain weave that’s been turned to the store. The texture of weave looks like it came from a White women. Her hair dresser really needs to go shopping at a beauty supply store for Black women to get weave with African texture. That way the weave looks like a regular Black woman’s hair but straighten with volumizer.