Smell Like Enrique Iglesias For Less Than $50

Afternoon Tea: Smell Like Enrique Iglesias For Less Than $50

Enrique Iglesias

Photo: WENN

Enrique Iglesias is joining the ranks of celebrity beauty brands with the launch of his new fragrance for men, Enrique Iglesias Adrenaline, which will be produced by Coty, makers of fragrances from both David Beckham and Tim McGraw, among a host of other female celebrity fragrances. [Read More]

American Apparel can’t seem to catch a break. The latest news involving the company involves a girl in Philadelphia wearing one of their swimsuits who got rejected from not one but TWO public pools. [Read More]

Picking a nail color for your mani/pedi is an extremely personal decision, and some even think it can tell a lot about your personality. A new chart from Huff Po will help you determine what your go-to hue says all about you. [See More]

One of our favorite, off-the-wall characters from “Orange Is The New Black,” Crazy Eyes, aka Uzo Aduba gets a peachy keen summer beauty look that we all can learn a lesson or two from.  [See More]

Andrej Pejic has evolved. The transgender model underwent a sex change earlier this year and is now officially a transgender woman, Andreja. In a new interview she discusses her sexual reassignmetn surgery for the first time. [Read More]