On Pregnant Celebs Baring Stomachs

Raunchy Or Regal? How Stylists Feel About The Bare Baby Bump Trend

Kelly Rowland bumps her way to Cecconi's **USA ONLY**Photo: AKM-GSI

Last Friday singer, Kelly Rowland was spotted at Cecconi’s and M.A.C Cosmetics running around with her husband, Tim Witherspoon. The jovial mommy-to-be flaunted her baby bump in a muscle shirt, cut off jeans and sneakers. The slightly edgy look revealed her healthy growing bump.

Omarion’s fiancee Apryl Jones, has also been spotted baring her baby bumps in several fashions. She most recently took to the red carpet for the premiere of “Lucy” in Los Angeles wearing a crop top and skirt.

Baby bumps are not something we’re shy of, especially with celebrities. But we are seeing a handful of women showing off their stomachs in the most bold way. And honestly, we’re on the fence about it. While we’re all for showing off the beauty of nurturing your soon-to-be, there’s also a bit of modesty that’s appreciated when you’re a mother to-be. Without offending anyone, we asked a few stylists for their thoughts on the growing trend.

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  • slimpickens2916

    Nothing is wrong with being proud of the new life you are carrying. But is it necessary to exposed your belly to the public? Nothing is wrong with nursing your child. But is it necessary to expose your beast in public while nursing?

    • True G.R.I.T.S

      I agree, you don’t have to bare your bump in public, a beach maybe, but at an event, with chains on your bulging stomach smh it looks crazy. had it been a shirt like Kelly’s, it probably would have been very cute.
      yes u can breastfeed in public without showing even a piece of breast lol as a mom who breastfeeds, I actually cringe when I see women pop out a boob and start nursing lol I’m just like really, where the hell is your towel, or blanket? at the end of it, its their choice and whatever, but even tho its natural doesn’t make it worthy of others eyes, masturbation is natural, but i bet if you do it somewhere public your @$$ getting locked up lmao
      Its not what you do, its how you do it…

  • newdnewd

    It depends on the person doing it, Kelly seems classy so it looks better on her than on Omarion’s baby mama

  • regal

  • Leeane

    Like most things in life: it depends. You all know good & well you don’t need to physically see the bare belly to notice a woman’s “new life.” If you’re around your house or at the pool/beach, of course it’s fine. However, wearing a crop top to dinner, an event, the movies, etc. is raunchy. Basically, you don’t need to be showing your belly in public. You don’t get an award for being pregnant.

  • Justquestions89

    Omg.. Every one has been on this keep woman out of sight stepford wife movement, and it’s becoming annoying… To all the women/men who think it’s inappropriate don’t do it and or don’t look! Let people be, and mind your cotton picking business…

  • There’s nothing wrong with it but other than the expectant parents who wants to see it?

  • Canelle

    In my country Congo, you can’t show your pregnant belly, never. This is not good because there is a lot of witchcraft so people can do something bad to you and you can have an unhealthy baby. Excuse my english

  • Ugh.

    Wow! It’s 2014 people!!! Women can wear whatever they want whenever they want! Especially if they are pregnant! Wow I’m really appolled that some women actually support articles like this! Ugh.