New Trailer For The Hunger Games Takes Over The Internet

Afternoon Tea: New Trailer For The Hunger Games Takes Over The Internet

Whenever there’s any news about The Hunger Games, the world stops what its doing to pay attention. The debut of the trailer for the next installment, “Mockingjay: Part 1,” set the internet ablaze this morning with its first glimpse of Julianne Moore as president of District 13. One thing we could have seen more of is J. Law’s character Katniss; but have no fear–#TheMockingjayLives. [Watch Above]

For better or for worse, many fashion ads have taken a turn from the edgy and sexually suggestive to the socially conscious and downright tame,writes one writer. What gives? [Read More]

Comic Con came and went over the weekend as the stars of the biggest movie franchises descended upon Los Angeles to meet and greet their fans and talk movies, sci fi, and more. One company that didn’t make an appearance? Google Glass, because it was banned. Sorry Glassholes…  [Read More]

In the past 10 years, Tory Burch has had the kind of success that most fashion designers can only dream of. In a new interview, she reveals that a lot of that time she was way out of her comfort zone, but that those big risks paid off handsomely in the end. [Read More]

Finding the perfect pair of jeggings is never easy, especially finding the perfect amount of stretch. Well, a new collection of denim from AG Jeans, 360 Contour, promises jeans that defy the expectations of traditional denim and prove to be so stretchy that even ballerinas can dance in them. Just watch. [Watch Here]