Paris Rats Overtake The Louvre

Paris Has A Rat Infestation, Tourists Are Loving It

France Louvre Garden RatsPhoto: AP Photo/Francois Mori

There are so many amazing reasons to visit the City of Lights: the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Seine River and the world’s most visited museum, The Louvre. Strolling around these Parisian hot spots are families of rats who have been running rampant this summer.

Paris is no stranger to rats, having the large body of water running through the town, but after a mild winter plump, healthy rats are making their debut. And their central playing ground has been the lawn outside the aforementioned Louvre.


France Louvre Garden RatsPhoto: AP Photo/Francois Mori

While most people would be disgusted by the cat-sized vermin, tourists are actually quite tickled by their presence that actually stems from four causes.

As reported by City Lab:

First, Paris has had a very mild winter, meaning that more rats made it through the cold months alive, plump, and breeding than usual. Second, central Paris is currently racked with subterranean construction projects that have sent rats above ground for refuge. Third, the rats that had decided to stay below ground found themselves flushed out anyway by flash floods that hit earlier this year. (The usually reliable sewers are still frequently impassable for them.) All told, subterranean Paris is a pretty bad place to be a rat right now.

[And fourth, the] “Ratatouille effect.” Public perceptions of Parisian rats have become softened thanks to Disney’s animated portrayal of their culinary skills. It seems that visitors just aren’t scared enough of them anymore.

Disney movies are cute and good, but we’re not about that rat life. Hopefully they’ll get the infestation in control sooner than later. If not, we’ll be bundling up and saving our visits for the winter.




  • Sharee

    Very dirty place

  • Trinaay

    U should see the rats in nyc, Baltimore, Philly, n most big cities. NYc is the worst. Very dirty.