The Best Places To Sell Clothes And Accessories

Best Places To Make Money From Your Old Clothes

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In the 21st century there are a ton of ways to sell your old clothing and accessories. Gone are the days where one only had a flea market, yard sale, or brick and mortar consignment store to get rid of unwanted items. You have options. As the seasons change, room must be made.

Now the problem with options is that they can sometimes be overwhelming. The digital age has opened the door to a lot of different ways to essentially do the same thing.

We have reviewed a few and came up with a list of the best places to sell your goods– each offer something different for sellers and give back a good amount in return.

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Etsy, Website

This Brooklyn based company just got a ton of funding to remain in the Williamsburg area of the borough. In addition to being an international market for a variety of goods, it also prides itself on great customer service and a tight-knit seller community.

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Vinted, Website

The new phone application allows sellers to be autonomous. Take a photo, put a price and wait for the buyers to come.

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Cross Roads Trading, Website

With locations across the U.S., this consignment store boasts Eco-friendly storefronts and charitable donations. You can also rack up credits to use in-store.

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Threadflip, Website

Curated like a feature, this site gives 80 percent of sales to the seller and works in a matter of three steps. Simple and easy.

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thredUP, Website

By ordering a bag with pre-paid postage the effort of selling your clothing becomes smooth. They pay 80 percent of the retail value and items that are not accepted go to charitable partners or textile recycling companies, unless you want them back.

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Twice, Website

For mid-priced items like Gap t-shirts, J.Crew dresses and Anthropolgie scarves this phone app is convenient for selling and buying brand names.


Shopify, Website

If you’re thinking of going the full on entrepreneurial route with your old clothing, and have a steady stream of clothes coming in, Shopify is a great option. With over 65,000 retailers in 100 different countries, it allows anyone to easily sell online and at a retail location in a long-term setup.

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Tradesy, Website

This website and phone application not only sells clothing and shoes, they also have a whole wedding section. So if you’re considering making money off that expensive gown, here’s a place to do it.

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Bella Bag, Website

This fairly new e-commerce site specifically deals with high end designer bags and jewelry. Submitted accessories go through a thorough authentication process before they are resold on the site.

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Salvation Army, Website

It’s old school, but never fails. While you don’t get money from this international non-profit, you can get tax rebates based on the worth of your donated goods. Plus, it always feels good to give back.

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