StyleBlazer Editors Chose Our Favorite Plain White Tees

Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Plain White Tees


We do a lot of talk about what it takes to build an ideal, complete wardrobe, and much of that talk involves elements needed for super-stylish ensembles–the perfect nude pump and motorcycle jacket to go with your cigarette pants, for example. But no wardrobe is complete without one very simple item–the plain white tee.

The plain white tee is truly an iconic wardrobe staple, first coming to prominence when superstars like James Dean and Marlon Brando wore them back in the 1950s. Nowadays their classic casual style–white tee and blue jeans–still holds major sway, but we’ve figured out ways to up the ante as well–statement accessories and a printed pant, for instance.

Whatever your way of wearing a plain white tee-shirt, we know that everyone has their favorite style. Click through to check out where StyleBlazer editors get their white tee-shirt (and tank top) fix, and share your favorite spots in the comments!

Crystal Tate, Deputy Editor


American Apparel Ultra Wash Tee, $28

I love getting basic tees, tanks, bodysuits and pretty much anything else from American Apparel! They offer such an amazing variety of styles, and the shirts are pretty comfortable and affordable.


Gap Essential Short-Sleeve V-Neck  Tee, $14

Gap has been my go-to place for classic t-shirts for practically forever. They also have great sales so you can always score one at a fraction of the price like this one.

Danielle Kwateng, Senior Editor

Eileen FisherEileen Fisher Racer Back Melange Top, $69.99

Eileen Fisher- It’s a store for older women but their basics are pretty dope. A tad pricey but will last forever.


Short-sleeve ballet cut leotard, $19.99

OnStage Dancewear Inc. is a little shop off Madison Ave that sells pieces specifically for dancers. I recently had two white leotard tops tailored to be backless. Love how simple they are but really sexy and sleek.

Giselle Childs, Associate Editor


Everlane Ryan Pocket Tee, $25

I’m basically obsessed with everything Everlane, so this choice should come as no surprise. I have multiple tanks and tees from their Ryan collection, and they’re so soft and light, it’s hard not to live in them every day. They also drape just the way I like–a big plus in my book.



Uniqlo linen blended tank top, $5.90

I discovered these Uniqlo tank tops when I wandered into their store on 34th Street earlier this summer. I now own six of them, which just goes to say how amazing they are. Soft, comfortable, and perfectly shaped at the hip, this has become my go to tank of the summer. Plus, with that cost you can’t help but buy multiple.

Nicole Brown, Assistant Editormadewell-tee

Madewell V-neck Pocket Tee, $19.50

 Pardon my play on words, but this shirt is certainly “made well.” I also love that the v-neck leaves room for accessories.


J. Crew Factory Tissue Tee, $18.50

– It’s not too heavy, but not so thin that you can see through them. These shirts are also perfect for layering!

Anayo Awuzie, Editorial Assistant



Tees by Tina Wave Top, $60

Tees by Tina – They’re somehow one size fits all, but they are the most comfy t-shirts ever and come in all the great basic color. I have 3 of them!



Hanes Classic 3-Pack, $4.99

>Learned about these super cheap, basic white t-shirt gems in Nina Garcia’s “The 100” back in high school and they’re still my go to white tees.


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