How To Prepare Your Home For A Dog

Your Morning Tea: How To Prep Your Apartment For A Dog

gwenPhoto: AKM-GSI
For those of you thinking of getting a dog before the summer ends, there’s obviously some things you’ll need to know. In addition on how to properly feed, clean and raise your dog– you’ll also need to know how to keep your home in tact. Ish can get real. [READ More]

R. Kelly’s punishment for years of alleged underage sexual assault is catching up with him. The R&B singer drew a mutual agreement with the organizers of the Ohio’s Fashion Meets Music Festival, to cancel his scheduled performance. And every teenage girl’s parent in the city of Columbus can sleep in peace tonight. [READ More]

Janelle Monae has some of the best storylines in her music videos. For “Electric Lady” she has cameos, dance breaks and a really live band. Oh! And the song is good too. [SEE More]

Hypebeast are about to lose their minds. It’s being whispered that the iconic Air Jordan brand will be partnering with Supreme for a super sneaker. Being a limited edition project, one can surely expect mass hysteria in SoHo the day it releases. [READ More]

If you thought your selfie game was official, you’ll need to step it up with the debut of Microsoft’s fresh creation. The tech brand has a phone dedicated to selfies in the works. Did anyone hear that faint gasp of joy from Kim Kardashian. [READ More]