Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour Made Me Want A Smiley Face Bra

Katy Perry

Photo: WENN

Last Friday night, in between the moment when the house lights went down and the Prismatic World Tour lights lit up, the anticipation for Katy Perry to appear on stage inside Brooklyn’s sold-out Barclays Center reached a pivotal point. When she finally hit the floor, appearing like a present on the inside of a technicolor pyramid, the crowd roared with happiness and many a teenage dream was fulfilled. Indeed, the show was a gift for many in the audience, literally and figuratively.

Belting out an array of her bubble gum hits, Katy Perry gave everyone something good to celebrate as we all danced around in our seats to “Dark Horse,” “Hot n Cold,” and more. But the best part of the show just might have been her outfits, which were a rainbow procession of light, glitz, and pop, and kind of made me wish it were acceptable to wear a smiley face bra in polite society. (It is not, I repeat, it is not.)

In an industry where so much weight is placed on being the sexiest or the best dressed, Katy’s tour costumes were grounded in fun–plain and simple. They may not get her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame like Beyonce, but at least they spark the imagination a bit and made sure everyone was wide awake (even the slightly out-of-place dads).

Perry’s performance was the first large-scale theatrical concert I’d seen in a while, but the stadium experience didn’t disappoint, especially thanks to my Samsung Galaxy S5 and a new app Samsung just released in partnership with AEG (the group affiliated with Barclays and a whole bunch of other music venues across the country). Called the Galaxy Owner’s Hub, the app lets you win cool stuff at 41 participating music venues across the country. Throughout whichever participating venue there are Galaxy Owners Hub setups where you simply active the app and win free stuff. Whether it’s a VIP upgrade, or concession and merchandise discounts, everyone is a winner every single time. (You can download the app in the Google Play store here.)

While part of me wishes I could live in Katy Perry’s Prismatic world forever, I know that’s about as possible as waking up in Vegas without any regrets. For all you Katy Kats out there who haven’t had a chance to see her live, take a look at a few of my favorite costumes she wore on the next few pages to get a little taste of Prismatic World Tour fun.


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