Must Try Brown Lip Colors For Every Occasion

Chocolate Kisses: 14 Must Try Brown Lip Colors For Every Day

Nia LongPhoto: WENN

There are a lot things associated with chocolate that we all love – covered strawberries, chocolate bars….Idris Elba. It’s a natural aphrodisiac. So why not wear chocolaty colors on your lips?

A trend to try for fall, or even now if you feeling excited, is to wear chocolate tones colors on your lips. It’s sexiness is reminiscent to Brown Sugar’s Nia Long, who regurlarly wears the color. Having buttery brown skin, Long tends to wear glosses in the sahde of brown the flow with her skintone but also draw a subtle shine to her lips. It’s actually a great way to rock the natural look, in a sexy way. 

Check out our favorite br0wn shades that can be worn for daytime wear, and for nights out, on the next pages.

  • PolkaDots

    Clinique has a color similar called TEDDY BEAR in their liquid lipstick collection.

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