Purple Hair On African American Women Is Beautiful

15 Purple Hair Looks That’ll Make You Grab The Hair Dye

purple hair on black girls

If you’ve been paying attention to hair trends, you’ve seen stars like Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, and Lily Allen all donning purple locks which is the latest hair color craze. It’s a flattering hair color for all, but if you’re anything darker than a medium skin tone than purple hair can seem a little intimidating.

Don’t be scared, honey, purple hair on black women is fierce! Purple hair is not only one of the most versatile hair colors for women with darker skin tones, but it can go from the party to the office with ease and no fears of being out of a job. You can still have fun with color and maintain a toned down appearance at the same time.

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Black girls with purple hair


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azealia Purple hair on African American women

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  • BlackFrench

    Purple and Blue are really the best colors for black women.

  • See The Light

    In my opinion these colors are OK for the weekend, modeling, celebrities, etc. I have personally never had a job where this type of color would be OK. I have worked for brokerage firms, an insurance firm and a hospital. While working for the insurance firm people would come in with a non traditional color, get called into an office, and would be back to a regular hair color within the week. The blue-black color is one color I have seen people get away with.

    • Brittany

      I work in corporate oil and gas (accounting) and this color is fine but I’m sure region matter as well.

  • hate to see you get ganked

    cute, Im more towards the blue

  • till∞

    #11>>>>>>>>>>>all of them

  • Steve Stone

    What about Raven Black?

  • Pash-in

    Purple is the business, I’ve been rockin some form of purple from braids to cellophanes recently ombre, since I was 18. It’s a nice way to be an individual with out looking intimidatingly different. Depending on how you do it it can still be professional in a corporate setting.

    • DailyFailDotKoDotYouKay?

      huh …cellophanes?

      • Pash-in

        Yes, cellophanes its the pluralized form of cellophane.

        • DailyFailDotKoDotYouKay?

          nooo..im asking what it is ur doing with cellophane?

          • Pash-in

            Oh, cellophane is a clear gloss coat for your hair, you can get it clear or in a color, it would be a semi-perm color or tint. When you use it with color, it’s a nice way to color your without the damaging harsh chemicals of perm hair dye.

  • PolkaDots

    Why is this even an article? Is this like July – Purple month or something?

    #Don’t Get It!

  • My Little Pony?

  • …..

    You Shana wannabes.

  • Leeane

    I had purple hair last summer & the first DAY I had it, I was called ‘ratchet.’ Not everyone was a fan, but I loved it & rocked it until I went back to school, of course. Purple really does look good on dark/black skin 🙂 If your school/job permits it & if your hair is healthy enough, definitely do a “crazy” colour once or twice in your life.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I’ve always wanted blue or purple highlights. But I, you know, work for a living. . . .

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