Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Marriage, Motherhood And Villains In ‘The Edit’

  • B. Rad

    Years ago she made a comment that she had nothing in common with white people. Never liked her after that….pretty racist and stupid remark.

    • BC

      I find that would be an odd comment for her to make, seeing she has tons of white friends….I’m not a fan anymore either for my own reasons but for her to say that is weird….I don’t know???

  • f

    Those 10lbs she gained shows and she looks good. People don’t realize weight gain or lose can change your look a lot. She is a woman who has grown over the years and continues to grow like we all do. I said many things a couple of years ago that i don’t believe now that’s life. If we didn’t constantly grow and evolve as individuals we would never get any where.

    • lindapanderson

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