Reem Acra Takes Developer To Court

Your Morning Tea: Reem Acra Takes Developer To Court

Reem Acra Conrad dressPhoto: Courtesy of Reem Acra

Reem Acra is taking a developer to court and is asking for a hefty amount of money. The designer claims they damaged millions of dollars worth of her high-end fabrics that go into making her impeccable gowns. She, along with every bride shopping for their dress in the world, stands collectively P-O’d. [READ More]

If you were last in line for Kanye West’s Red October sneakers and never snagged a pair, here is your opportunity. Complex magazine is doing a giveaway for the famous shoes and it’s actually pretty easy to apply. [SEE More]

So Tara Reid has created a perfume –yes she’s still working– in honor of her popular movie “Sharknado 2.” The fragrance is a first for the actress in the world of extracurricular beauty projects. And hopefully, it’ll be her last. [READ More]

The creator of Cronuts, Dominique Ansel, has another magical creation for hungry dessert lovers. In the Hamptons this weekend, he’ll be selling $15 sundaes that come in a can. It’s like Andy Warhol meets Breyers. [SEE More]

Giorgio Armani is out here making sure generations of designers get a chance to win. Greek designer, Angelos Bratis’ will be showing his upcoming collection at the Armani Theater in Milan’s Via Bergognone, and we’re sure it will be a beautiful occasion. [READ More]

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