Curl Talk: 10 Products That Help Maintain High Porosity Curls

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If you tested your curls and found that your have high porosity curls, this means your hair is very porous and allows a lot of moisture in. While this may sound like heaven on earth, which it is because your hair is more likely to be hydrated, it can also be a curse.

One of the biggest downsides to high porosity curls is that they can lose moisture just as quickly as it comes. Damaged hair is typically a factor in high porosity hair. Curls that are subjected to coloring, relaxing, excessive heat, harsh combing, and stripping shampoos can not only damage hair but tear the cuticle of the hair. Another drawback to high porosity curls is that they are more prone to tangling because the raised cuticles can easily intertwine with each other.

With this hair type, thicker butters and products infused with oils are helpful as they will seal the cuticle and also serve as a protective layer. Incorporating protein treatments will help to gain strength and prevent frequent breakage. Highly porous hair has holes in the hair shaft and protein temporarily fills those holes, thereby strengthening the hair.

After every wash, consider a deep conditioner, and use heavier butters and oils like shea butter and olive oil to seal in moisture. Also consider your hair’s pH balance. You want to incorporate products with low pH, which means ones that are acidic. This will help flatten the cuticle and also seal in moisture. Try ading aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice to your leave-in conditioner or spray bottle mixtures. You can also add two cups of water to apple cider vinegar as a rinse after washing your hair. This mixture will detoxify any pollution in hair and seal the cuticle.

Still perplexed as to how you need to maintain your high porosity curls? Read on for the products that will aid in stronger healthier curls.


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