What To Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

Ask Not, Want Not: What To Know About Diamond Engagement Rings

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At some point within every relationship one of the parties, or both, get the itch. No, not the one that requires medication. The one that urges you to commit your life to the other person. And when that time approaches, you may be asked about the type of engagement ring you’d like.

For some of you, the binder containing your complete wedding plans will have this in Section C page 6. But for the the rest of us unfamiliar girls, engagement rings are an unexplored world. Who really knows what makes a quality ring?

There’s a couple clean facts you should know if ever approached about rings:

  • Four factors go into diamond selection: Cut, Carat weight, Color and Clarity.
  • The more unusual the color, the more pricey the ring is.
  • Always look for “Conflict Free” diamonds that are not illegally traded to fund conflict in war-torn areas, particularly in central and western Africa, as determined by the World Diamond council.
  • A well-cut diamond will sparkle no matter what kind of light it is in.
  • Light reflected in the diamond should look like a rainbow of colors.

For an expert voice on the subject, we went to Emily Duke of Diamond Envy, a leading wholesaler in colored diamonds. She answered our burning questions below:

On being able to spot a “good” diamond: “It is hard to tell the exact worth of a diamond from the naked eye but if you know a little about color and clarity you can probably guess the range. For example: a large, bright diamond with no visible imperfections is likely worth a lot more than a smaller one that appears dark or has apparent inclusion. But for an appraiser or jeweler to determine a diamond’s worth, they will need to inspect it with a loupe and other tools to check the clarity, symmetry.”

On the most popular diamond cuts in the U.S.: “The round brilliant is still most common among those with colorless diamonds. Lately, the cushion cut has been the center of attention. Square cuts like radiant, princess and asscher are also extremely popular. This is especially true when it comes to colored diamonds since fancy cuts tend to show off the color best.”

On the typical look of engagement rings: “If it’s not the round solitaire engagement ring, the ring tends to feature side stones of some kind. Traditional baguettes and emerald cuts ruled the scene for quite some time, but innovative looks feature trapezoids, shields and half-moons.”

On common request from brides-to-be for their wedding bands: “When it comes to wedding bands, some brides like to be a little more unique. Recently we’ve been getting more requests for yellow diamond and pink diamond micro pave and eternity bands.”

So there you have it. Print and/or email to your significant other. Potentially, you may get exactly what you want.

  • See The Light

    I grew up in a po’ household with no extras. When I left, I promised I would make sure I took good care of me. I have always had good jobs with bonuses and saved my money. I bought my own 3 stone diamond ring when I turned 30. I had no intention of driving a man crazy for a ring. A nice engagement ring is good, but a really good man is the best diamond to have. I am not saying accept a chip or a cz, but it makes no sense to go above your means for a ring.

    • Emily

      Agreed! The person you want to spend your life with is most important, but if you have money for a ring, you might as well get what you really like!

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