#RihNavy Alert: Rihanna’s Rogue Fragrance Now Has A Men’s Scent


Photo: Twitter

Remember when Rihanna said she had a men’s version of her Rogue fragrance coming out “soon.” Of course you don’t because that was practically a year ago when she released the women’s version. Well if you’ve been waiting with bated breath for it you can rest easy because come next month, you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

Still Instagram-less, Rih took to Twitter to drop the first sets of images from the fragrance’s campaign. The shots feature the presumably topless artist, still blonde and cuddled up a tattooed model boo. It’s definitely a lot tamer that an ad she did for the women’s scent which actually got banned — what else would you call a ruling that states that the ad can “only be displayed in areas where children won’t see it — in the UK.

Photo: Twitter

The details are pretty non existent for the musk. All we know is that it comes in a square bottle and hit stores some time in September. Riri tweeted that she’s been working on the project for years and if her award nominated women’s fragrance is any indication, it’s going to be good. So good in fact, that¬†according to Ms. “Pon De Replay,” women are going to want to steal t-shirts to smell like it.¬†Are you a fan of her other fragrances?Bt-LVRGIQAAVpqe

Photo: Twitter

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