15 Celebs Who Breastfeed In Public

Olivia Wilde and 14 Other Celebs Who Breastfeed In Public


Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour

Olivia Wilde is fairly tight lipped when it comes to her family, especially newborn son Otis. However, the engaged actress is all about voicing her opinion and recently advocated for breastfeeding in public by doing just that. Dressed in designer duds, the engaged star fed her son for “Glamour” and spoke out about her desire to normalize an activity that is unfortunately considered taboo. Thankfully, she has plenty of other famous moms in her corner. Click through to see other celebs who breastfeed in public.

Gwen Stefani


Photo: Instagram

Selma Blair

Selma Blair feeds Arthur on a Train Ride

Photo: AKM-GSI

Yaya Dacosta


Photo: Instagram

Ali Landry


Photo: Ali Landry

Alanis Morrissette

alanis morissette-breastfeeding

Photo: Instagram

Teresa Palmer


Photo: Instagram

Natalia Vodianova


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Miranda Kerr


Photo: Twitter

Jaime King


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Angelina Jolie


Photo: Brad Pitt/W Magazine

Gisele Bundchen


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Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick enjoy a family vacation

Photo: WENN

Ashley Nicole Roberts (Girlfriend of NFL Player Phillip Wheeler)


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  • AliBee

    Exhibitionists – YES – – – – – Ladies – NO

    • captain_quirk

      Oh, please. They’re feeding their babies!

      • AliBee

        I have had 4 children and have never felt it necessary to breast feed them in public. With good organisation, it just isn’t necessary. There are those who are the exhibitionists, which makes people feel uncomfortable in their presence and which many people find embarrassing. There is such a thing as discretion and ladies do not embarrass other people in public.

        • Rose

          Why is it embarrassing? I didn’t lay bare my breasts when feeding, it was done discreetly. So I suppose you think it isn’t embarrassing to see people laying bare all their private bits in public daily in broad daylight. What the heck is wrong with you people? I find your comments highly offensive. So you’ve had four children and you didn’t feed them in public, well that was your choice!!! Other mums have choices too to perform a most natural act of feeding a baby. Go and see how it’s done in other countries, you really need to get your priorites right.

          • captain_quirk

            Yeah, it seems like AliBee has a hang-up about breasts. Me, I think they’re beautiful.

          • Daisy

            I dont want to see your breasts dear.There is a time and place to feed your babies.

          • Paula Gilmore-Hardie

            Daisy yes there is a time and a place to feed your babies. When they need feeding dear.
            I suppose you prefer babies drinking from chemically made plastic bottles with modified cow’s milk made for calves not humans.
            Stop being so stuck up. You see more breast on women in low cut tops than women feeding their babies.

          • Dennis

            Pooping is 100% more natural and needed.

          • polly pence

            agreed. and the words “discretion” and breastfeeding should not even be in the same conversation bc the two are unrelated. “embarassing” other people? ?? wowww…wtf

        • Daisy

          I agree it seems that you have respect for yourself.

        • SinisteR

          I guess anything considered a natural act is good for public now?? So people fornicating in public should be allowed too…that’s as natural as it gets, or else none of us would be here…And i guess next time someone has to take a #2, just step over to the side of the sidewalk and drop trout…i mean it’s natural. And if you have to pee, just do it where ever you are. I understand both sides of the arguement, but really… you don’t know your babies feeding schedule to make time to step aside and feed them descreetly? I don’t feel that someone should have to run and hide if they HAVE to do it in public, but i’m also not for a huge movement of seeing every woman with a baby just feeding everywhere willy nilly.

          • polly pence

            the one thing you missed here is that 1. breasts are not made for mens sexual pleasure. 2. breastfeeding does in no way ever need to be “discreet” as it is just feeding and again, breasts are not your sexual play things, nor or they a “sin”, nor is it rude or any other stupid misogynist terminology you can think of. You know what im not in the mood for? in summer time, the huge movement of having to see mens ugly little underdeveloped breasts and their stupid hairy, ugly little nipples everywhere as they are free to walk around with their shirts off when its hot outside. UCK. DISGUSTING. they should have to be more discreet when attempting to cool themselves down by going topless and go in to a bathroom somewhere and sit in a stall. I mean, them taking their shirts off doesnt even serve an actual purpose other than their selfish need to “cool off”. Yeah, im totally not down for that. SO, you get the point now?

        • Private

          I felt breast feeding a private and precious thing between my son and me. It wasn’t any one else’s special moment it was MINE, and therefore never fed my child in public

      • Big Fitz 007

        Id like to feed her babies!

  • Rose

    Why does breastfeeding have to be ‘normalised in public?’ I don’t understand where the problem is in seeing an activity as natural as life itself? Why is it considered normal to see male and female nudeity thrust in our faces daily on the internet and in newspapers? Why is it considered normal to see the likes of Miley Cyrus masturbating publically on stage and to see those pictures every single day mingled in with every single article one wants to try and read? How can breastfeeding be considered unnatural compared to disgusting, vile pornographic images which are published daily to shock us or as it seems not!?
    Where is the sense of right and wrong? I breast fed in public over 40 years ago. I fed my baby on buses, in the park, doctor’s surgeries, shoe shops, cafes, in the high street, on the train, in the hairdressers …. shall I go on and on and on??? No one made a deal out of it. In fact it was considered as what mothers have to do to raise their children! duh, stupid!! It is the most natural and beautiful thing for a mother to do, anywhere, anytime without having to make apologies. Nourishing and nurturing babies, what else could be more important, normal or natural? Lets all get real shall we? What a pathetic world we live in.

    • Dennis

      Shitting, is more important, normal and natural.

  • sheffield39

    Rose, don’t even go there love, when I was a lad growing-u in Geordieland, our moms used to sit chatting on the front steps and there were always I-2 mums breast-feeding as the rest of the children played within clear sight of these mums daily child caring duties! Just shows what a bunch of backward no-marks are taking notice of things these days!

  • Daisy

    I think it should be done in private, why do women want to show their tits?

    • GuitarJim

      I think they should show them.

  • AliBee

    I’ve yet to see any of The Royal Family feed their babies in public. I prefer to take them as Role Models for etiquette.

    • Marian Dixon

      Really ?-I hardly think showing off your bottom when you are not wearing proper knickers is etiquette-LOL

    • Paula Gilmore-Hardie

      They have nannies to feed their babies as they use tax payers money going to balls etc. The sooner these people who are not role models vanish from Britain the better.

  • Chris

    These women are obviously not getting enough attention, so this is one more way to do it. Seriously, this is perfectly fine being conducted in private. No one wants to see your breasts. I am a mom of 3, and people knew I fed my kids, as they could see them grow, they didn’t need to see me feed them. It is for attention for mom only, and has nothing to do with the child.

    • Aby

      All saying this should be done in private and these women are looking for attention are really letting babies and mothers down. Did you know that one of the main reasons mums give up on breastfeeding before six months is because they are uncomfortable feeding in public – because of people like you making them feel uncomfortable?! Feeding straight from the breast wherever you are gives babies the antibodies and nutrition they need when they need it. Shame on you! Breasts are for feeding babies. if you find it sexual that is your problem. It’s not a sexual context. I thank these for celebrities for helping to normalize healthy breastfeeding in public and paving the way for new mothers and babies so they are not afraid of rude and ignorant onlookers.I take more issue with celebrities promoting hypersexualisation to kids; twerking and simulating masturbation through music shows. Maybe you should moan about that instead.

    • Has nothing to do with the child except feed them and help them grow?
      No mom does it for attention, it is to make sure their child is fed.
      It is normal to feed your child in mostly all parts of the world.
      This is what is wrong with this society.
      Your body is not sinful thing to be hidden, especially
      when your feeding your child.

    • GuitarJim

      Wrong – lots of men like to see breasts.

    • captain_quirk

      –“No one wants to see your breasts.”


  • jules

    I do not have a problem with breast feeding in public, but please do it discreetly. The breast feeding mums can put a shawl or some other covering over their breast but the majority of then insist in just exposing their breast in public, and that is what I object to.

    • Yes and make the child overheat and difficult to breathe.
      There is nothing wrong with it, it is time to grow up and get used to
      seeing a mom feeding their child. This is LIFE.

      • Chris Smith

        Grow up? I don’t want to see your breasts. Period. Find a PRIVATE PLACE to nurse your baby, but please, be discreet when you are around me. I breastfed too, but always found a way to be discreet and not let the world and everyone around me see my boobs. I think you are the one who needs to grow up – we are all allowed to have our own opinions even if we don’t agree with you.

  • Mick

    More than half of these women are in their homes or on the set in their dressing rooms. These are not public moments, but some “friend ” with a phone sharing their intimate moment with their child with the rest of the leering world. Figure out what public means people.

  • TCat

    For gods sake this is a normal activity, I have no idea why anyone would have the slightest objection to anyone breast feeding in public. Schedules are tight and planning can be difficult when you have a young baby. Breast feeding anywhere simply eases this problem and gives mothers a welcome slice of freedom. Not to mention the massive benefits to the babies. I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself if you object to this practice, Breasts are after all primarily for feeding babies. Yes some of these celebrity pics are taken in exaggerated circumstances and that is the definition of promotion.

  • Matth

    Taking a leak and dropping your guts are natural bodily functions as well – but you wouldn’t want to see that done in public, would you?

    All things have a time and a place.

    • GuitarJim

      My colleagues all drop their guts regularly, and outside my office door on a busy night plenty of clubbers take a leak, of both sexes.

      • Matth

        Be that as it may, you don’t want to see it, surely?!

  • Feeding you child is seen as a normal thing in MOST of the world. I don’t understand how it is okay show breasts as a sexual thing, but the moment they are used to feed a child, no no…. go into the bathroom. Western logic right there. This is life, get over it people.

  • PrettyGirl

    I get that it’s natural but there are plenty of things that are natural that should be done privately. I have breastfed 2 children and have done so in privacy for the sake of myself, my children and everyone around me. It’s easier to do without distraction and I know what their feeding schedule is so it’s not like it comes up as a surprise.

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