Kim Kardashian Will Be Pregnant Soon

Kim Kardashian Should Be Pregnant Any Day Now

We learned three things about Kim Kardashian West from the recent episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” where she gives her grandmother a tour of her new home.

1. Her grandmother likes to throw back a drink every once in a while, even though Kim does not drink.
2. At some point in time she did legit plan to live in their $20 million custom home in the Hidden Hills, even though her and Kanye recently went into escrow on another property.
3. Her and hubby, Kanye West plan on making a second baby soon. Like, within the next couple of months.

Yes, Nor-weezy should expect a little baby brother or sister very soon. “This is gonna be the second kids room,” Kardashian West says in the clip. “You mean the guest room,” her grandmother corrects. “No, kids room. You never know. I feel like by the time we move in, I’ll be pregnant. So…”

So there you go.

The couple who have been married for two months, recently celebrated the first birthday of their baby girl. Like her sister, Kourtney, the addition to their family will no doubt be welcomed happily.

And in other Kim news: She’s creating a for real for real book full of selfies called “Selfish.”