Eau De Gaga Is Lady Gaga's Latest Scent

“Eau de Gaga” Fragrance By Lady Gaga Is Surprisingly Simple!

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.00.37 AM

Photo: Instagram

When Lady Gaga released her first scent Fame, she sort of made headlines. Amongst the scent notes she included semen and blood in the press release. It was a little eccentric to say the least.  But as a contrast, her latest cologne is fairly tame.

With a campaign shot by Steven Klein, Gaga decided to go elegant for ‘Eau de Gaga.’ She released the first image via Instagram and it features the ARTPOP songstress with long blonde hair, laying on a few mudscled men, her elbow and the limbs of others strategically placed to escape obscenity claims. And obscene it is not, instead the musculature seems a little more akin to Roman and Greek artistic idolizations of the male form rather than some sort of smutty reference.

And as for the scent itself, Gaga revealed has very very simple notes. Leather, sparkling water and lime sound like an interesting combination but according to Gaga, those are three things she uses every day.  The combination, as you would likely imagine comes off very clean according to the artist.

But in addition to clean, Gaga let it be known via Twitter that it’s a very “expensive scent.”  Unisex in nature — she actually said “It is an extremely sexy and arousing smell for all genders. Alluring and ready for sex,” the eau de toilette will be presented in a “timeless, elegant, luxurious bottle” and is only the first Eau de Gaga to hit stores. And while we kind of can’t wait to get our hands on it(and Rihanna’s new Rogue Man fragrance) we’re wondering just how many coins it’s going to cost us!

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