Brian LIchtenberg's Lawsuit Advances

Brian Lichtenberg Wins Round In $100 Million Federal Suit Against Brother


It always sucks when a family’s disagreements play out in the public eye but with Brian Lichtenberg brought a $100 million federal lawsuit against his brother Christopher, it was pretty hard to keep it under wraps. And according to the courts, it seems like things are going Brian’s way.

The case is quite a complicated once so we’ll try to give you a relatively quick briefing.  In September of 2013, Brian Lichtenberg made headlines for slapping his brother with a $100 million federal lawsuit, accusing his brother’s company Alex & Chloe of copying his unreleased BALLIN design.  According to the lawsuit, Chris was brought in as a contractor to do some work for his brother’s company since he was going through some tough financial times with his own company and during the process of that work he saw the BALLIN design, digitized and produced it for his own company.  In addition to this he also supposedly copied confidential client list s and manufacturer lists in order to rip off his brother’s designs and sell them at a cheaper price.


Photo: Revolve

When Brian decided to go to press with the lawsuit, Christopher did the same, revealing that he had already brought a lawsuit against his brother in March of 2013 in a state court surrounding the design but didn’t want the situation to play out in the media.

Since those two lawsuits, Brian has also filed a temporary restraining order.  Though the two are now clearly estranged, the restraining order wasn’t to keep the physical distance but instead to halt Christopher’s production of the tee in question.  Filed back in October of 2013, that restraining order is now in place. In addition to Alex & Chloe having to halt production of tees and products with the BALLIN design, Christopher must refrain from also using his brother’s customer, distributor or manufacturer lists and must remove photos of celebrities wearing his brothers designs from his website.

“I haven’t spoken to my mom or my brother in a year and a half,” Brian said to Page Six.  According to some court evidence and Brian himself, the mother sided with Christopher. “I hired my brother in good faith, and like a rooster raiding a hen house, he stole my secrets.  He contacted every vendor he knew – selling the same product at a cheaper price. The same collection, knocked off. I’m deeply hurt.”

Who said fashion was all fun and games?