Kelly Cutrone Has A New Show In The Works

Kelly Cutrone Has A New Show And Chats About A Big Mistake She Made

Kelly Cutrone

Photo: WENN

Kelly Cutrone is no stranger to television. In fact, you could say that she played a major part in bringing the world of fashion PR into the spotlight, appearing on reality television shows like The Hills and The City as well as her own show
Kell on Earth really before PR mavens like Aliza Licht made their imprint via social media.

Throughout those appearances, as well as her role on American’s Next Top Model — and also even in her book — she’s gotten a reputation for being a witch with a capital B. And while we prefer the term Momma Wolf — Kelly herself uses it in her must read book If You Have To Cry, Go Outside — the fact still remains that she’s a pretty tough cookie with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Well it seems that Cutrone is channeling all of that experience once again for the cameras in her new show The Kelly Cutrone Project that premieres on September 6 on the CW Seed network, which is an online platform.

“It’s a really cool way to start out,” Cutrone told The Fashion Spot in an interview. “Like you see what happens to people like Bethenny [Frankel] and Kris Jenner or Katie Couric or Anderson [Cooper] — they jump out too quickly.”

To avoid that, Cutrone is doing the web series which will focus on her young audience that will see her interview people like Charli XCX, Mary Lambert and Jared Leto while Pat Field, Joe Jonas and Icona Pop also make appearances.

Oh and about that mistake. When asked about her worst rookie mistake, Cutrone comes clean: “Alright. The worst thing I did when I was an assistant — I was Susan Blond‘s assistant and we were working with a band called Bananarama. I worked really hard to get an interview for them and they wouldn’t come out and do the interview with Rolling Stone. I threw a glass of water into the girl’s face and told her to get up and do the interview. Uh, that was pretty bad! Susan Blond was really nice and gave me a warning and said, ‘Don’t let that happen again.'”

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