Fashion Blogger Reveals Bloggers Do Retouch Their Bodies

A Fashion Blogger Reveals That, Yes, Bloggers Photoshop Their Bodies


Photo: Do The Hotpants

Have you ever paid a visit to your favorite fashion blog while eating a pizza and began to hate that slice of pepperoni you’re devouring more and more as you scroll down the page? OK, feening hate for a slice of pizza may be a bit farfetched, but seeing a constant stream of blogger perfection on every blog probably isn’t the best way to feel good about your naturally beautiful self.

NYC-based fashion blogger Dana Suchow of Do The Hotpants made that realization of having photos that are “too perfect” and has decided to lift that veil on her perceived perfection by releasing a few of her unretouched style shots alongside the photoshopped ones.

In her post called “Photos I Wish I Didn’t Photoshop,” Suchow says she wants to  “lift the veil that is currently suffocating us women” and she laments that she hasn’t been fully truthful with her readers.

I’ve decided to expose the instances where I used photoshop to distort and change my body. I know it might only look like an inch or 2 removed from my waist, or a couple zits blurred here and there, but my stomach and my skin have been huge insecurities for me my entire life. So me revealing these images to you are a HUGE DEAL 4 ME & not to be taken lightly. I’m putting my flaws out there, as little or as big as they seem, so please respect that this isn’t easy for anyone.”

This was a super cool move on Dana Suchow’s part and we hope other bloggers join her in removing the veil. A little Photoshop here and there isn’t a big deal, but some go as far are tweaking how their actual bodies actually look. We’re fans of fashion bloggers who keep it as real as possible.