15 Best #BoysInCropTops2k14 Posts

Are #BoysInCropTops2k14 The Newest Menswear Trend?


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Before Kid Cudi rocked a red crop top and cut off jeans at this year’s Coachella Music Festival, the rare menswear trend was only spotted on runways and in shows for high end names like Calvin Klein, Astrid Andersen and Frankie Morello. Today, the throwback style is making a comeback on social media thanks to the hashtag #BoysInCropTops2k14.

Whether their tummies be toned or protruding, men from all walks of life are proudly flaunting their midsections and joining the movement. Click through to see 15 of the best #BoysInCropTops2k14 Instagram shots.



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  • JamaicanMeCrazy

    Kid Coochie?! he’s straight up GAY…no question about that chi chi man!

  • Duni1

    Pause: I remember that the 80’s, early 90’s had this look. Its been done. A lot of old 90’s looks are on the rebound including high top fades. Not suspect, just repeat. #calmdown.
    That and whomever is writing this is definitely going into stereotypes about what men should and should not wear. Or what they perceive to be “suspect” wear. *rolls eyes*

    Androgyny didn’t go anywhere, just like Prince.

    • bmtmdm

      Some “come back” things are good fashion wise…..this however is an epic fail no “straight” guy would wear this unless being paid. IJS

  • Tberry

    how can you say this is for straight men, when all you show are gay men wearing crop tops. i dont see a straight man wearing something like this.

  • Donte Miller

    Did that girls shirt say she was dirty and ghetto?

    • smackyobitchass


    • 123kwade

      Lmao yea it did and she looked the part smh…

  • 123kwade

    Im more curious as to where kid cudi tattoo is located now thats some chick stuff to me for sure… I dont know how i feel about the shirt or that white girl shirt sayin she ghetto n nasty..really.. people will rock anything and call it fashion and charge hella money for it..lmao they funny.

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    Kid Cudi can do no wrong in my eyes. He’s so handsome to me, and I like his personality/vibe….as much as I’m privy to anyway.

  • Steve Stone

    What the f? I’m a straight man, who straight likes some clothes. But if I ever put some isht like that on, my girl would walk on the other side of the street.

    A man ain’t wearing a *crop* anything

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