20 Ugly Wedding Dresses From Soaps

20 Of The Worst Wedding Dresses From Soap Operas

All My ChildrenPhoto: ABC

Truth be told, a lot can be learned from soap operas.

Take life lessons: One learns that you should never take family for granted, especially if they’ve raised your love child as their own like Neil Winters in “The Young and the Restless.” Or love guidance: Never give up on your one true love, even if it involves conjuring up magic to take out his wife like Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald in “Passions.”

The most beneficial lesson we’ve learned from soaps is what not to wear on your wedding day.

Half of the blame goes to the 70s, 80s and 90s wedding trends– lace, chiffon for days and enough tulle for 19 junior proms. But the other half goes to the tacky decadence of soaps themselves. It makes for probably the most unattractive wedding gowns ever. Like ever.

See some of the worst on the next pages.

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  • Jay

    Are you sure you even know the definition of hideous…? Nothing truly terrible here.

  • LadyAnneJT

    I agree with Jay. There were a few I didn’t care for, particularly the “ice queen” headdress on one bride, but most of them were very nice. I especially liked the “Juliet” style (number 15?) and the classic Victorian early in the series. Sorry to be so vague, but the slide show locked up, and there was no way to get back. (Hint from a preacher’s kid: clergy would NOT wear purple for a wedding. That’s a Lenten color, and a symbol of sadness.)

  • HappyBrideof20years

    I would agree – most of the dresses were beautiful for the time period they were worn. I even saw one that was very similar to my own. It’s nice to see a variety of dresses on brides instead of the “cookie-cutter” strapless crap that all brides think they need to wear now-days.

  • annetter

    1/3 of those seemed very reasonable for todays tastes
    the head dresses how ever…. wow… i forgot that the 80s were that unkind.
    I will say… i dont think more than two of these were “hideous” you may wish to re title this article

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