10 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Like Octomom

Kim Kardashian out in Paris

Many of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram followers have recently commented that the reality star has an unlikely twin in another famous mom, Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom.

Fans are taking to the social media site to warn Kim that her suspected plastic surgeries and seemingly evolving face have her looking strikingly similar to the mom of eight. Suleman, like Kardashian, has denied allegations that she has gone under the knife for cosmetic procedures but they definitely have more in common than that. Between their pillowed lips, cheeks and almond shaped eyes, these famous moms are totally twinning.

Check out these 10 times Kim Kardashian looked like Octomom on the next pages!


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  • Shay

    this is so stupid lolbs

    • guest

      Agreed, This was by far the dumbest, and pettiest article ever in life. Sounds like it was written by a 10 year old…just stupid. Its like they had nothing to talk about…like really “they dress down the same way” “they pout the same way?” lmaoooo

    • guest

      they need to take this dumba** article down!

  • Aquarius_Girl

    I never heard she wanted to look like Kim….it was Angelina Jolie…so you are wrong.

  • A-la

    Yeah…. that was stupid.

  • Mercy mi mama

    Seriously, Suleman can afford to buy $300 sunglasses with her twenty odd kids to take care of and nary a job in sight? I wonder where is the money coming from to do the plastic surgery and buy these ultra xpensive eyewear?

  • DoughBelly

    Im sorry, but when Kimmy is wearing her makeup, hands down, she is strikingly beautiful. How dare they insult KK like that by putting Octomom side by side with her.


    wOW…Both women are beautiful in their own way! So plz stop with the insult