Throw Caution To The Wind: 10 Fashion Rules To Break

Throw Caution To The Wind: 10 Fashion Rules To Break

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Fashion is an expression of individuality (or at least so they say) but contradictory to that, it also has a lot of rule. Don’t wear white after Labor Day, don’t wear this if you’re too short or that together, the list goes on. But we’ve never been one to follow the rule– it doesn’t make for an interesting life. To send off summer, we propose you start breaking all the fashion rule– your wardrobe will thank you.

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You Can’t Wear Sequin During The Day


Your Bra Shouldn’t Show


Always Take Something Off Before Leaving The House


Don’t Mix Prints

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Backpacks Are For Kids


Horizontal Stripes

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Don’t Wear The Same Color From Head-To-Toe

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Pajamas Are Only For The Bedroom

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You Shouldn’t Mix Metals


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