Liam Martin WaveRider Does Hilarious "Celeb Lookalike" Memes

This Teen Takes “Celebrity Lookalike” To The Next Level With His Hilarious Memes

liam martin waverider

Fashion glossies and sites like ours are always talking about how you can get the “celebrity look for less,” but this teen has managed to nail that concept down to insta-worthy gold. Trust us, we’ve seen some off-the-wall celebrity impersonations on Instagram but nothing quite like this.

Liam Martin, aka WaveRider, is the 17-year-old teen behind the Instagram account that has attracted a hefty following of 1.6 million. His memes feature himself dressed up as megastar celebs in iconic photos doing normal celeb things like eating bananas provocatively or cuddling up to pink puppies. What is so great about Liam’s account is through showing us the “poor-man’s” version of celebrity photos, he’s simultaneously highlighting how ridiculous they can be.

For instance, remember that Seventeen ad where Ariana Grande was taking a selfie with her Jeremy Scott for Moschino phone case covering her phone? Liam donned a plaid skirt, stringy brown wig and instead of Moschino, he went with an actual large fry from McDonald’s – and voila, Ariana Grande’s less breathy doppelganger was born, duck lips and all.

Liam told The Huffington Post that he got into parodying celebrities after dressing up like the Little Mermaid. “The photo was a success and really seemed to entertain people,” he said. “So I decided to keep doing that.”

Taking it one step further than #makeuptransformations, we’re happy to see a teen like Liam Martin WaveRider having fun with the idea of celebrity obsession. See for yourself, check out our favorite of Liam’s meme’s on the next pages!

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