Come & Get It Bae! Pharrell Flaunts His Style Icon Status for 'WSJ'

Come & Get It Bae! Pharrell Flaunts His Style Icon Status for ‘WSJ’

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They say (and we agree) that Pharrell never truly ages. Looking back in the early 90s, when his music career began, until now, you would think he had a real-life fountain of youth in his possession. And with graceful age comes graceful style. Pharrell has always stood out in the music industry not only for his lyrical and production talent, but he’s also made a bold statement with his garb that can only be described as totally unexpected yet totally Pharrell. Through the years, we’ve seen him mesh hip hop flavor with a hippie vibe that has truly made him stand out, so much so that he’s garnered a side hustle as a fashion designer and created collaborations with Adidas, Uniqlo and G-Star. But in the latest issue of the Wall Street Journal Magazine, the humbled musician, who wears a $4,100 Dior Homme jacket says he stills struggle with the idea of him being a fashion icon:

“It embarrasses me a bit to be a figure in fashion,” he says. “I think everyone is interested in what they put on, even if you dress conservatively. Whatever you’re trying to mask, the mask itself says something about your personality.”

And if you think Pharrell had it together when he produced his infectious tune “Happy” you’d be surprised to know that he was far from it, “It took me a minute to find my purpose. I knew something was missing, and then I realized, OK, you’re able to make music; now you have to inject purpose. I want to make music with something extra to it—a holistic property. I want to make it feel good. I’m not the only one doing this. Kendrick Lamar’s music feels amazing. Adele’s music feels amazing. Alicia [Keys]’s new album feels amazing. The distinction between sounding amazing and feeling amazing—that’s the thing. People, I think, are looking for a feeling.”

Despite his modesty, Pharrell has had a great impact fashion, not only in hip hop, but the music industry as a whole. Check out some of Pharrell’s best style moments throughout his career and we’re sure you’ll agree.

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